Recipe 218 – Baked Alaska

This recipe brings back memories.  A dessert that was around  in the 1970s (I’m showing my age now!!).  I can remember my mum making this and thinking that it wasn’t possible to bring ice-cream out of the oven still frozen. … Continue reading

Recipe 202 – Buttermilk & Honey Cheesecake

The last of the cheesecakes, yet another section of the book finished! Reading through the recipe a few days ago, I found this required a bought sponge flan case.  I must admit I was very surprised to see this in … Continue reading

Recipe 185 – Cherry and Almond Traybake

It’s never happened to me before, but it did this time – all my cherries sank… Lesson learnt – always do as Mary tells you! Late afternoon baking session as there has been no cake in the house for simply … Continue reading