Novelty Iced Cakes

Campervan Cake

My latest cake is a Campervan Cake I made for my daughter.  It was a traditional Victoria Sandwich cake under the icing.  The cake itself did have a slight ‘crash’ as I was putting it together.  All was going well until I attempted to put the backdrop up against the cake.  In order for it to stay behind the cake, I inserted a few cocktail sticks into the board and into the cake itself.  However, I pushed the stick a little too hard and the Campervan moved forward onto its bumper and off its wheels!!  It didn’t notice much as the ‘sand’ was quite deep.

Pigs In Mud Cake

For my daughter’s birthday this year I didn’t leave myself very much time to bake and ice a cake.  In fact the cake was in the oven baking at 10pm the evening before her birthday.  This meant a very early start to the morning of her birthday, hence the reason why I opted to make the ‘Pigs In Mud’ Cake.  I have looked at this cake numerous times on the internet and love it, so decided to make it.

The cake itself was Mary Berry’s Chocolate Victoria Sandwich which is a very moist chocolate cake and a favourite in our house.  The icing was simply chocolate ganache, which was put between the two cakes and then the sides lightly covered with the ganache in order to stick the chocolate fingers to the cake.  The remainder was spread over the top and the cake was finished off with little pigs made from some pink icing.  It was obviously very tasty, as it disappeared very quickly!

Pigs In Mud

Baby Bottom Cake

I was asked to make this by a neighbour for a friend in Huddersfield.  She was working in Huddersfield the following week, so took the cake up with her.  The cake itself was the Very Best Chocolate Fudge Cake.  I loved making this cake, I’ve never made anything like it before.  I think the best part for me was the pair of feet!

Baby Bottom Cake

Baby Feet

Tour de France Cake


I made this cake for my brother’s 50th birthday.  Later on this year (at the end of May) he will be cycling the course of the Tour de France, so I thought that this cake would be ideal.  I used the Basic All-in-one Sponge Traybake.  Once baked and cooled I cut off the bottom third of the cake to make it into a square.  I then cut a square from the off-cut and cut this in two diagonally.  I used these two pieces for the sleeves of the shirt.  The cake was split in half and filled with vanilla buttercream and it was then given a very light coating of buttercream all over to enable the icing to stick to it.  The most difficult part was rolling out the yellow icing, to fit both the width and depth of the cake.  Once this had been done, I cut a circle of yellow icing out and wrote on it with an icing pen the Tour de France logo, this was then attached to the cake using a little bit of water.  Another strip was added for the zip, together with the collar.  Finally the black icing was added for the neck.  I really enjoyed making this cake and my brother loved it.  He didn’t actually cut it for a few days as he was so pleased with it.  Let’s hope his own ‘Tour de France’ is as good!

Basic cake



My son’s birthday cake. First time I had ever attempted a figure. Will be looking for a book to help with making figures, any suggestions?


The hands need some work though. Managed to break one of the fingers when I put it on the cake. Put it down to a rugby injury!


My daughter’s birthday cake. The first time that I had made a giant cupcake. I was pleased with the final cake, so was my daughter.



2 thoughts on “Novelty Iced Cakes

    • Give them a go, they won’t disappoint! A lot of my cakes don’t look very good either, the banana cake I made the other day looked awful, but it all went. As you say it doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s how they taste! x


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