• ABOUT THIS BLOG – After completing my initial challenge, I needed another one.  After careful consideration (most of the time spent in Waterstones looking through cookery books) I decided my next challenge would be to master bread.  Finally I made the decision to bake my way through Jane Mason’s Book of Buns.  Join me on my adventure to see how I get on.
  • In November 2011 I decided to set myself a challenge and bake my way through Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.  There were over 200 recipes in this book, some I know I loved baking and eating, others I didn’t.   Here you can read all about it – I finally finished it in November 2013.
  • A BIT ABOUT ME – I’m a mum to two gorgeous children and a wife to a fantastic husband.  I’m a self-employed secretary, but deep down I’d really love to bake every day, all day (wouldn’t we all).  I love baking cakes and puddings – anything sweet really.  We have a black labrador who we all love to bits and he gets me outside in the fresh air every day.  If I’m not in the kitchen baking, I’ll be out with the dog, over the allotment,  in my greenhouse or in the garden – I really don’t like being indoors (except when baking of course).  We also have our own chickens, sadly we’re down to 2 now (we used to have 8) both of them are now over 6 years old and I’m not sure if they’ll lay any more eggs now!  I love going out in the morning to collect fresh egs, so I reckon very soon  I will have to get some more.
  • MORE ABOUT ME – Before the children were born I went on quite a few cake decorating courses (in those days all the decorations were in royal icing) – I’ll look out some of my earlier creations and put them up here one day.  I love making celebration cakes for my family and friends!
  • If anybody would like me to review a book or food product for them, please feel free to get in touch either via this blog or on my twitter page @selfraiseflower or my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FlowerSelfRaising – or perhaps you would like me to bake my way through your book!
  • COPYRIGHT – I’m often asked why I don’t put the recipe up at the beginning of each of Mary Berry’s recipes I have blogged about.  The reason for this is ‘copyright’.  The recipes aren’t my own, they’re Mary Berry’s and there are people out and about that spend their day looking at blogs etc that people have put on the internet to see if we are copying any of their recipes and if so they’ll be after us.  If you read through the latter recipes I’ve done, I do actually put down the measurements required.  I will, hopefully get round to amending all others.
  • Jane Mason who wrote The Book of Buns has kindly given me permission to include the measurements required for her recipes.  Many thanks Jane.
  • Jan

8 thoughts on “About

  1. You are doing what I have been doing since I got the book at Christmas. Thank you so much for your insight and the photos. The main thing I don’t like about the book is the lack of photos. 🙂


    • Hi, same here, I hate not having a photo, you never know whether you’ve baked it correctly or not! How are you getting on? How many bakes in are you? I have lots of ‘ginger’ recipes left as I’m not to keen on them.


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