The Newbury – Tasting Menu Evening

I was invited by The Newbury to join them for a special VIP event to promote their new A La Carte Menu.  Having eaten at The Newbury many times before and enjoyed their food very much, I couldn’t possibly refuse. … Continue reading

Recipe 184 – Mushroom and Garlic Stuffed Picnic Loaf

Time for another recipe that I usually quickly flick past as it takes up two pages.  Because it takes up two pages I’d assumed it must be difficult and time-consuming!   I had been looking for a jar of wild … Continue reading

Recipe 168 – Cheese & Celery Crown Loaf

I think celery is a vegetable that you either love or loathe.  I absolutely loathe it raw, but can just about eat it when it has been cooked, ie in a bolognese.  The worst bit about celery for me is … Continue reading