Ingenious Flatbread – Rana’s Artisan Bread Mixes – Review

I’m slightly late in posting this review, but I’ve been busy with work, but have finally found time this rainy morning to write this up.

My second bread mix arrived in the post during the first week of September, it was the Ingenious Flatbread.  Now I have made flatbreads before and to be honest, they’re not something that I make and eat very often, so I admit I was trying to think what I could make to go with these for a meal.  However, looking at the back of the packet, in a small circle near the bottom, there was a suggestion to make the mix into a pizza base (with the receipt being online).  What a great idea I thought, I won’t make the flatbreads, instead I’ll make pizza for tea.img_1555

So instead of making the flatbreads, I made a pizza base.

  1. Into the bowl went the whole mix (I was making pizza for two, but if you’re making it for one you can halve the recipe, ie 120g of the mix rather than 240g), to which I added 90ml warm water and mixed everything together until it was combined.  This was left to stand for 5 minutes and then stirred vigorously for a minute.
  2. The mixture was divided into two (as I intended to make two pizzas) and placed onto a  piece of parchment paper.  The top of the dough was sprinkled with water and using a spatula the dough was spread out into a rectangle (or circle if you wish).
  3. The dough was left in a warm place for 30 minutes.  Towards the end of the 30 minutes I turned the oven on at 230C and placed a baking sheet in the oven to heat up.
  4. The pizzas were topped with salsa, onions, chicken, mushrooms, pepper and cheese and carefully placed onto the baking sheet (keeping them on the parchment paper) and cooked for around 20 minutes.  They probably only needed 15 minutes, as the toppings were slightly over done (a tad on the burnt side in places, whoops!).

I can honestly say that you wouldn’t know that these bases were gluten-free, they tasted amazing and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Even the two pieces that were left over and eaten the next day still tasted good.  I’d highly recommend this mix!



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