National Cupcake Week – Updated

Header Image - IABT Frosting Techniques

It’s a Baking Thing recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in sharing with you a two minute video by Rachael Heatley showing 20 different frosting techniques.  How could I refuse – I think my love with baking cakes began many years ago making cupcakes and I still love making and decorating them today.

So, if you’re struggling to master your piping skills or are simply running out of decorating ideas, this short 2 minute video demonstrates how to create a flawless rose, perfect the classic frill and even produce a stacked hydrangea, which is far easier than it sounds!!  Rachael Heatley is an expert home-baker from Blackburn, Lancashire who only uses a piping bag, various nozzles and other common household items (such as spoons) to create her easily achievable designs.

The only thing i would have liked in the video would have been information on what nozzle had been used to create each design.  Some of them are obvious, but a couple I think may be trial and error for me when I try the designs out.  At least when you’re icing cupcakes, if it goes wrong you can quickly remove the icing and try again!

So, if like me, you don’t need any excuse to get baking, check out all 20 designs in the 2 minute video and you’ll be itching to try them out some time this week.  I know what I’m up to tomorrow…


I’m pleased to say that Its A Baking Thing have been inundated with requests for the nozzles used in the 20 different frosting techniques.  So, in answer to your questions, they have very kindly produced a list of which nozzles were used, which will hopefully help us all.


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