Recipe 170 – Austrian Curd Cheesecake

Time for another cheesecake.  I did make one the other day (not this recipe), but it was a complete failure, so I will have to make it again.

Having bought some ricotta cheese last week, and thinking what I could do with it, I came across this recipe.  I’m not a huge fan of baked cheesecakes, but I’ve got to do all the recipes, so as this one needed ricotta cheese and I had two tubs in the fridge, I thought I’d give it a go.

The oven was put on to preheat at Fan 170°C and I lightly greased a 23cm (9″) loose-bottomed cake tin and the bottom was also lined with parchment.

I decided after reading through this recipe that I needed to be organised, so all the ingredients were weighed and prepared before I started – I’m only 170 recipes in to this book, you’d have thought I’d have started doing this by now…

150g butter was softened in a large bowl and then to this I added 275g caster sugar and 550g ricotta cheese (you could use curd cheese instead if you wanted).  These were beaten together until the mixture was light and creamy, which didn’t take too long.

4 large eggs were separated and the yolks added to the cheese mixture one at a time and beaten thoroughly in.  Once all the egg yolks had been added 100g ground almonds, 100g sultanas, 50g semolina and the grated rind and juice of two lemons were added and mixed in.

The mixture then has to be left to stand for 10 minutes to allow it to thicken, which should mean that the sultanas don’t sink to the bottom.  I was amazed at how thick the mixture became after 10 minutes!

Whilst the mixture was thickening, in a separate bowl I whisked the egg whites together until they were stiff, but not dry.  These were added to the thickened cheese mixture and lightly folded in.  The mixture was turned into the tin and levelled.

Into the oven it went for an hour.  I covered the top of the cheesecake loosely with foil after 30 minutes to prevent it from becoming too brown.

After an hour the cheesecake had risen considerably, the oven was turned off and the cheesecake left inside to cool for another hour.  After this time I removed it from the oven and allowed it to cool completely before loosening the sides of the tin and turning it out.  The base of the tin and the parchment was removed and the cheesecake was placed on a plate ready for serving. – after a quick sprinkling of icing sugar.

To look at it wasn’t the prettiest cheesecake I’ve ever seen, but I was surprised by the taste.  It was quite delicious, very light indeed and the sultanas didn’t sink they were evenly spaced throughout.  There was a slight hint of lemon coming through, but it certainly wasn’t over-powering.

Perhaps I do like baked cheesecakes after all – I’ll have to try another one in the next couple of weeks!!

Austrian Curd Cheesecake


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