Recipe 169 – Strawberry Meringue Nests

I still had some egg whites in the fridge to use up so a quick flick through The Bible to see how I could use them up, I came across this recipe.  I had bought some English strawberries that morning whilst out shopping as they looked so good, so though this would be ideal.

The oven was put on to preheat at Fan 120°C and a baking tray was lined with baking parchment.

4 large egg whites were put into a bowl and whisked together until foaming.  To this I added 240g icing sugar which had been sieved through a fine sieve.

The bowl with the egg whites and icing sugar in was placed over a pan of gently simmering water and the mixture was whisked continually until it was thick and holding its shape.  You could if you wished at this stage add a few drops of vanilla extract.  I did intend to do this, but I actually forgot!  If you do add the vanilla extract you need to give it a small whisk again to incorporate the vanilla.  Mary’s hot tip for this recipe is “be careful not to let the bowl get too hot or the meringue mixture will crust around the edges”.  I kept lifting my bowl slightly off the pan so it didn’t get too hot.  It didn’t take long for the mixture to thicken.  It was certainly a lovely pure white colour.

Once it was the consistency required, the bowl was removed from the pan and the mixture spooned into a piping bag which had been fitted with a large star nozzle.  I make such a mess putting things into piping bags and I always stand the bag in a deep glass, but I still seem to get it everywhere!  I piped 6 basket shapes onto the tray, starting with the bottoms first in the centre and piping a circle and then slowly building the sides up.

Once they had been piped, they were popped into the oven for 45 minutes, after which time they were crisp and dry.  They were carefully removed from the tray and put onto a wire rack to cool.

I was surprised to see that no cream was to be used in this recipe.  All you had to do to finish them was to cut the strawberries up and place them into the basket and then spoon over some redcurrant jelly (2 tablespoons) that had been warmed.  They were then ready to serve!

They were lovely and light and the strawberries had so much flavour too!  A simple recipe which creates a lovely light dessert.  Yum, we all enjoyed these and they disappeared very quickly indeed.  I can’t wait now for my strawberries to ripen (well grow at the moment) on my allotment as I will certainly be making the pavlova once they are ready for picking!

Meringue Nests


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