Recipe 167 – My Mother’s Bread & Butter Pudding

I’ll confess, the last recipe the Walnut & Raisin Loaf wasn’t really to our liking, so it’s been sitting here, uneaten.  I hate throwing food away, so thought it could be put to good use for this recipe.  I’ll also come clean and admit I don’t like Bread & Butter Pudding, but it’s a recipe in the book, so I’ve got to bake it!

As I made two small loaves with the last recipe, we still had one whole loaf left, with approximately a quarter of the other loaf, so I hoped I would have enough bread.

First thing to do is melt 100g butter and  grease an 18cm x 23cm rectangular ovenproof dish with some  of the melted butter.

Next into a bowl went 250g currants and sultanas (I actually used slightly less as my loaf already had raisins in it), 75g caster sugar, the grated rind of a lemon and 1/2 level teaspoon mixed spice.  I hoped the mixed spice wouldn’t clash with the cinnamon that was in the loaf!  This was given a quick mix together and put to one side.

The bread was sliced into thin slices and the crusts removed.  Mary states in her recipe to use 12 thin slices of white bread and to cut each piece into 3 strips.  I cut mine in half as the loaves were small.

I took one-third of the bread and dipped one side into the melted butter and lay them butter side down in the dish.  Once the bottom had been completely covered I took half of the dried fruit mixture and sprinkled it over the top.  I took another third of the bread and again dipped it into the melted butter, but this time put it buttered side up in the dish.  The remaining dried fruit mixture was sprinkled over the top.  The final third of bread was dipped in the butter and placed on top of the fruit mixture (butter side up).

In a separate bowl I cracked 3 large eggs and added to this 600ml of full-fat milk (you can use half fat if you want to be a bit healthier!).  This was poured over the bread and the top sprinkled with 2 tablespoons of Demerara sugar.  Mary says if possible to leave this to soak for an hour before baking.  I left mine to soak about 45 minutes.

The oven was preheated to Fan 160°C and the dish was placed in the oven for 40 minutes.  After this time the top was a lovely golden brown and crisp and the pudding had slightly puffed up.

The smell coming from the dish was gorgeous, but what was it going to taste like?!  My husband loved it and actually had some for breakfast the next day.  I liked the top and sides, but didn’t like the middle of the dish (it was slightly soggy), it really isn’t my type of pudding.  My daughter felt the same as me.  As for my son, he didn’t realise what it was and actually wanted to try some before I had baked it.  Once baked he said it wasn’t too bad, but didn’t like the nuts in it (he could taste the walnuts that were in the loaf).  If I had told him it was made from the loaf I had made the other day, he wouldn’t have touched it!

I won’t be making this again!

Apologies for the picture, it’s not really something that you can make look good however hard you try.

Bread & Butter Pudding


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