Recipe 163 – Banoffi Pie

It’s been so hectic here over the last week, what with putting new fence panels up along the whole length of the garden, together with clearing the garage out, so that we now have a garage and not a walk-through from the garage door in the back garden to the up and over garage door out onto the lane, together with all the normal goings on in the running of a house, that I totally forgot to write-up the blog for the Banoffi Pie, which I made for Easter Sunday.

I must admit this was about the third time I had attempted to bake this, as every time I’ve bought some gingernut biscuits for the base, either my husband or children have found them in the cupboard and starte eating them.  By the time I’ve realised what they’re done, they’ve already eaten too many of them for me to make the base.  This time I’d hidden them!

There’s no baking in the oven for this recipe, so there was no need to put the oven on to preheat!

Into a plastic bag I put 175g ginger biscuits, this left about 4 over, so I put them to one side to enjoy with a cup of tea later!  The biscuits were crushed to crumble with a rolling-pin.  65g butter was melted in a saucepan and the biscuit crumbs were added to this and mixed together.  The mixture should have been spread over the base and sides of a 23cm (9″) deep loose-bottomed fluted flan tin.  I don’t own one in this size, I probably now have every other size, but not this one.  Instead I used a deep 23cm sandwich tin.  I never think Mary uses enough biscuits for the base so instead of putting the mixture up the sides as well, I pressed it into the base only.

It was then on with the toffee filling.  Having read through the recipe I was dreading this bit, if I burned the filling that would be it, I didn’t have any more tins of condensed milk in the cupboard and being Easter Sunday, everywhere was closed!  100g butter and 100g light muscovado sugar went into a large pan and they were heated gently until the butter had melted and the sugar dissolved.  Once the sugar had completely dissolved I added two 397g cans of condensed milk.  It was then a case of stirring continuously and evenly with a spoon until the mixture was thick and had turned a golden toffee colour.   I was paranoid that my mixture would burn, it certainly took longer than the five minutes that Mary states in the recipe and I was a bit unsure as to whether or not my mixture was a golden brown in colour as it seemed to thicken very quickly.  Somehow I managed not to burn the mixture, so once I was happy (it probably could have had a bit longer, but it was nearer ten minutes than five minutes by now, so I thought enough was enough) I poured the mixture on top of the biscuit crumb crust.  This was allowed to cool and set.

Once set 300ml double cream was whipped up until it just held its shape and this was spread over the top of the toffee filling.  I was surprised to see that the banana wasn’t actually added to the cream instead it was sliced up (Mary says to use one banana, I actually used two as I didn’t think one was enough), dipped into a little lemon juice (to stop it from discolouring) and arranged in the middle.

Banoffi Pie1

I thought at this stage I had finished, but luckily my son reminded me about the chocolate which had to be grated on top.  The pie was removed from the tin and put on a plate ready to eat.  Personally I think this type of dessert is too sweet, I’m not a fan of toffee fillings.  My husband absolutely loved it and I was surprised that my children felt the same as me.  You certainly had to have a very thin slice.

The flavour actually improved when the remaining pie was finished the next day!


Banoffi Pie2


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