Recipe 161 – Swiss Wild Strawberry and Walnut Cake

It was time to bake from the ‘Special Cakes’ section of the book.  This, I feel is where the most difficult cakes are.  As I need to narrow the choice down to three in each of the remaining sections, I have three recipes to bake from this section until I’m left with 3 to bake.  I think the title of this recipe has put me off previously, but having read through the recipe it appears to be a fatless sponge.  Having made quite a few of these by now, I  didn’t feel quite so daunted.

Mary does say to use ‘regular’ strawberries when wild ones are out of season.  Strawberries are not in season at all at the moment, but I couldn’t resist buying a pack of lovely red strawberries today when I went shopping.  It’s not normally like me to buy things out of season, but these did look good!

The oven was put on to pre-heat at 160°C and a deep 20cm (8″) tin was greased and the bottom lined with parchment.

Into a large bowl I cracked three large eggs to which I added 100g caster sugar.  Using my electric whisk this was beaten until it was thick and mousse like and left a trail when the whisk was lifted out.  75g self-raising flour was sieved over the top of the mixture and lightly folded in together with 50g chopped walnuts.  The mixture was turned into the cake tin.

Into the oven it went for 40-45 minutes, after which time it was well risen, golden brown and springy when lightly touched on the top.  After a few minutes it was removed from the tin, the parchment removed from the bottom and allowed to cool.

It was late afternoon by the time I got round to finishing the cake off.  450g strawberries were sliced up and put to one side.  Into a bowl went 300ml double cream which was whipped until it formed soft peaks.  The cake was then sliced horizontally into three pieces.  These were sandwiched together with a layer of cream and strawberries.  The remaining cream was spread over the top and sides of the cakes and it was decorated with the remaining strawberries.  It did look quite stunning.

I’m not a great fan of walnuts so was a bit apprehensive as to how it would taste, but it was lovely and light and the walnuts complimented the strawberries and cream.  It was actually quite delicious and as the cake was virtually fatless (except for the eggs) I didn’t feel quite so guilty in eating all that cream!

Swiss Wild Strawberry & Walnut Cake



Swiss Wild Strawberry & Walnut Cake2


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