Recipe 159 – Deep Treacle Tart

This is my second attempt at this recipe!  As many of you know who follow me on Facebook, I made this the other day (the day I made the Ginger Cake), but I had a slight mishap.  As I was placing the tin in the oven,  I burnt my hand on the shelf  and as I pulled my hand away (whilst still holding the tart tin with the treacle tart in), I managed to flip the tin up in the air – over it went .. SPLAT it landed upside down on my kitchen floor.  After picking it up and looking at it I decided it wasn’t really recoverable, so into the bin it went.  I was so cross with myself, the air was blue for a few minutes, but eventually I had a good giggle about it, but there was no pudding for us that day!!

Anyway back to my second attempt, the first thing was to make the pastry.  Having got my food processor out of the cupboard to make the breadcrumbs required for this recipe, I decided I may as well use it for the pastry, it seemed silly to make another bowl dirty just for the sake of physically making it myself!!

Into the processor went 175g plain flour to which I added 75g butter.  This was whizzed together until it resembled breadcrumbs.  I then added approximately 2 1/2 tablespoons water  to it, so that it formed a firm dough.  The dough was removed from the bowl and wrapped in clingfilm.  This was placed in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Whilst the pastry was ‘chilling’, the oven was put on to preheat at 180°C and a heavy baking tray was put onto one of the oven shelves to heat up.  After 20 minutes the pastry had to be rolled out and placed in the tin.  I rolled it out using Mary’s tip – roll the pastry out on top of the base of the tin until it is slightly larger than the base.  Fold in the edges and place the base into the tin.  The pastry was pushed gently into the sides of the tin and the excess pastry was trimmed off.  The tin Mary suggests to use is a 18cm (7″) tin, but having searched through my cupboard the smallest fluted deep loose-bottomed fluted flan tin I had was 20cm (8″).  My daughter was in town whilst I was baking this, so she popped into Lakeland for me, but even they didn’t sell a tin that small!

The filling was easy to make.  Into a small saucepan went 350g golden syrup.  This was heated up until the syrup was nice and runny.  To this I added 200g fresh white breadcrumbs and the rind and juice of a lemon.  Mary does say to add the rind and juice from 2 lemons, but I thought this would be too much, so decided to add just the one.  The breadcrumbs were stirred into the syrup and the mixture was then poured into the pastry case.  Once the surface was levelled it was popped into the oven.  This time, very, very carefully, I was not going to drop it again.

After 10 minutes the temperature of the oven was turned down to 160°C and the tart was baked for a further 25-30 minutes.  Mine took 30 minutes.  The tart was removed from the oven and left to cool in the tin.

We had this for our pudding after a lovely roast of pork belly.  Mary says that this tart serves 6, I can’t believe that, they must have been huge slices.  My husband absolutely loved it, it’s one of his favourites and he spent the next couple of days taking a piece to work!  Both myself and my daughter weren’t that keen on it, it was too sweet for both of us and my son didn’t like it at all.  I’m glad I didn’t put two lemons into it as I think it would have been too overpowering as the taste of lemon was quite strong.

Treacle Tart2



Treacle Tart1

17th March 2013


2 thoughts on “Recipe 159 – Deep Treacle Tart

  1. I thought I was crazy but you confirmed it that when I couldn’t find a 7″ fluted pie pan! My husband thinks Mary Berry works with Lakeland to help them sell all sizes of pans,but even they don’t have them! Thanks for the proof. 🙂

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