Recipe 156 – Almond Spice Cake

This is one section that I’ve said before I keep flicking over, but as I stated in my previous post, my aim is to get each remaining section down to three recipes in each, so I have a few to bake from this section in the next couple of weeks.

A quick read through the recipe brought to my attention that marzipan was neeeded and as I had some marzipan left over from Christmas (sealed in a bag and container) I thought I’d use this up, or at least some of it!

The oven was still on from baking the Lemon Griestorte (160°C Fan) so all I had to do was to grease and line the bottom of a deep 18cm (7″) round cake tin.

The first step of this recipe was to roll out 100g of almond paste or marzipan into an 18cm (7″) circle.  The marzipan ended up quite thin as 100g isn’t very much.  I used the base of my tin as a guide and cut round this  to make the circle.  The bits that I cut off I quickly ate – I think I’m the only one in the house who loves marzipan enough to eat it like this.  The circle of marzipan was put to one side.

Reading through the recipe it was another one of Mary’s all in one recipe, so into my large mixing bowl went 175g softened butter (I had left it out when I made the Griestorte, so it was just about soft enough), 175 caster sugar, 3 large eggs, 225g self-raising flour, 2 level teaspoons baking powder, 1/2 level teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of ground cloves (I’ll have to keep quiet about putting ground cloves in as it’s one of my husband’s hates and if he knows they’re in the cake, he probably won’t eat it – luckily he was out at rugby!).  Looking at the ingredients in the bowl I thought it looked a little too hard to mix by hand so I took the electric mixer out of the cupboard and used this to mix everything together.

I had just started to spoon the mixture into the tin when I remembered reading in the recipe about adding some toasted flaked almonds, so the two spoonfuls that had been put into the cake tin were quickly removed and put back into the mixing bowl.  75g of flaked almonds had to be added to the mixture.  This looked an awful lot of almonds, but in they went and I stirred them through.  Half of the he mixture was spooned into the tin and then the disc of marzipan was placed on top.  The remaining mixture was put on top of the marzipan and the top levelled.

The cake went into the oven for 1 hour.  I must admit whilst it was cooking all I could smell were the cloves, luckily my husband still hadn’t returned from rugby!  After an hour the cake looked well risen and golden brown and the surface sprang back when lightly pressed, so I took it out of the oven and left it in the tin for 5 minutes before turning it out onto a cooling rack.

The cake was left to cool and I finally got round to icing it once the dog had been walked and I’d had a cup of tea and a slice of the other cake I had made earlier today.  For the icing into a small saucepan I put 50g butter, 100g muscovado sugar and 2 tablespoons double cream.  This was put over a gentle heat until the butter had melted and the ingredients were well blended.  It was then brought to the boil.  Once it was boiling it had to be drizzled over the cake.  I put a baking tray underneath the wire tray that the cake had cooled on to catch any drips and  poured the mixture over the top.  I wasn’t sure how you were meant to drizzle it over the top as there was rather a lot of ‘icing’.  The final touch was to sprinkle 25g of toasted flaked almonds over the top.  I didn’t use all the 25g up as I thought this slightly too many.  The cake then had to be left to set for 10-15 minutes.

The cake looked quite stunning with the almonds on top, some of which had slid down the sides.

Almond Spice CakeWhen sliced, the thin circle of marzipan seemed to be nearer the bottom of the cake than the middle.  I must admit that when I first cut into the cake I wondered what it was, I thought it was unbaked mixture, but then realised it was the marzipan, silly me!  Taste wise it was delicious, I must admit I was worried about the amount of almonds that went into the cake, but they seemed to have dissolved in the cake itself.  It certainly looked stunning and taste wise I was pleasantly surprised too!

Almond Spice Cake2


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