Recipe 147 – Orange Drop Scones

On Thursday mornings, my daughter doesn’t have to go into school until lunchtime so as a surprise I thought I’d cook her these for breakfast (albeit a late breakfast).

I have already cooked the ‘drop scones’ and looking at the two recipes these are very similar indeed, the only difference being oranges are added to this one!

The first thing to do was to grate the rind from the 2 oranges and set this aside.  The oranges then needed squeezing.  The juice was poured into a measuring jug and made up to 200ml with milk.

The next step was to measure 175g self-raising flour, 1 level teaspoon baking powder and 40g sugar into a bowl, together with the orange rind.  After giving this a quick stir together, a well was made in the centre and into this went one large egg and half the orange juice/milk mixture.  This was beaten together to make a smooth thick batter.  Mary says to beat in enough of the remaining orange juice/milk mixture to give the batter the consistency of thick cream.  I actually ended up beating in all of the remaining liquid.

A large non-stick frying pan was put on the hob and heated over a medium heat.  The base of the pan was lightly greased with butter.  Into the pan went dessert spoonfuls of the mixture.  I could fit three spoonfuls into my pan, which gave them room to spread.


Once bubbles had started to appear on the surface the pancakes were quickly flipped over with a palette knife and cooked on the other side for around 30 seconds until they were golden brown.  I loved the way when you flipped them over they puffed up slightly.  The pancakes were then transferred to a  wire rack and covered with a clean tea towel.

I did find that I had to lightly grease the pan every so often between cooking the pancakes, otherwise they seemed to brown too quickly, even though the gas was on the lowest setting.

In all I made 26 pancakes from the mixture.   Mary says to serve the pancakes warm with butter and golden syrup or maple syrup.  I ate mine plain although my daughter ate hers with golden syrup.   I must admit they were very nice  both warm and cold.  The orange definitely came through more when they were cold.  My daughter loved them!  There were a few left over for my husband and son to try when they came home, thankfully,  I did think at one point that they would all have been eaten.

If you need to reheat them, then Mary’s tip is to arrange them in a single layer on an ovenproof plate, cover tightly with foil and reheat in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes.

A quick an easy recipe and something different perhaps for breakfast or to have with afternoon tea.


7th February 2013



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