Recipe 129 – Classic Sticky Gingerbread

12th November 2012

Not a great fan of all the gingerbread recipes in ‘The Bible’, and believe me there are quite a few, but thought I ought to bake another one otherwise that will be all I’m baking once I get a little nearer the end of he book.  This one promised to be sticky, so I was hoping it would turn out similar to the shop bought ‘Jamaican Gingerbread’ you can buy in the shops.

As usual, the oven was set to preheat and a traybake tin was lightly greased and both the bottom and sides were lined with parchment.  

Firstly, into a saucepan went 225g each of butter, light muscovado sugar, golden syrup and black treacle – gosh that was a lot of sugar and fat – I don’t think this is a cake to eat all by yourself – it definitely would go straight onto my hips and block my arteries.  This thick gooey mixture was gently heated until the butter and sugar had melted evenly.  It was then put to one side to cool slightly.  Already I had decided I wasn’t going to like this recipe as I do not like the smell of warm black treacle.

Whilst the mixture was cooling my large mixing bowl was retrieved from the shelf and into this went 225g of self raising flour and the same of wholemeal self-raising flour.  Mixed into the two flours went 4tsp of ground ginger.  That seemed a lot of ginger to me!  In yet another bowl I cracked two large eggs and to this added 300ml of milk, these were lightly beaten together.

With the syrupy mixture nicely cooled this was poured into the dry mixture and the milk and eggs were added.  These were beaten together.  I decided not to use my electric mixer as this seemed a job that could be done the old-fashioned way with a wooden spoon.  However, this is one of the mixtures where the flour never wants to be completely mixed in.  Just as you think you’ve got a lovely even mix, you give it one more stir to find a little pocket of flour hiding from you.  Eventually I managed to get all the little pockets mixed in, so the mixture was poured into my tin.  It was quite runny and managed to level itself out.

This was popped into the oven where it baked for 50 minutes.  The ginger in the cake soon became apparent and the whole house was filled with the smell.  After 50 minutes it was lovely and golden and springy to the touch, so it was removed from the oven.  After five or so minutes I turned the cake out and peeled the parchment off.

Taste verdict – first of all I didn’t think much of it, the black treacle came through a little bit too much for my liking.  The children didn’t like it at all, but my husband did, thank goodness somebody did.  I must admit the cake did improve with keeping.  I think we actually had the cake for a week as it was only my husband eating it on a daily basis, with me having probably two more slices.  After a few days it did indeed go lovely and sticky on top (which was what I was hoping for) and I think the flavour mellowed very slightly.  

Not sure if I will make it again, if I do I think it will be half quantities as it did linger for rather a long time and my husband was rather pleased once it had all gone.  

Please excuse the photograph.  I took a photo of it whole, but completely forgot to take a photo once it had been cut into pieces.  I’m pleased to say I also didn’t have a dip in the middle, so obviously wasn’t heavy handed with the treacle!



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