Recipe 127 – Special Fruit Scones

4th November 2012

Gosh, I’d forgotten all about these scones – if it wasn’t for my blog and the fact that I had created a header, together with a date for these the other day, I think they may have been over-looked.  I can’t even remember creating the header – must be my age, yikes!

It’s slowly coming back to me – it was Sunday afternoon and normally the time when I like to sneak off into the kitchen by myself and bake.  The fire had been lit in the living room and I thought I’d make us something to eat in front of it.  One of my husband’s favourites is a scone with jam and cream (although there wouldn’t be any cream today, as we didn’t have any!).

This recipe comes from the ‘Buns and Scones’ section of the Bible and I must admit this is one of the sections which I seem to flick past.  However, today I decided it was time I ticked another one off as there seems to be quite a few recipes left in this section still to bake!

The oven was put on and two baking trays greased.

Into my bowl went the flour and baking powder.  The butter was then added to this.  Mary does say softened butter, but yet again I had forgotten to remove it from the fridge, so mine was rather firm, but I know I have said before I’d rather rub in firm butter than soft butter to the flour.  Once the mixture resembled breadcrumbs the sugar and mixed dried fruit was added.  I didn’t have a bag of mixed dried fruit, so I added a few raisins, currants, sultanas and mixed peel – basically I made my own mixed dried fruit!

An egg then had to be broken into a measuring jug and made up to 150ml with milk.  This was lightly beaten together and then added a little at a time to the flour mixture and at first I stirred it in with a spoon, but in the end it was in with the fingers to bring it all together to a soft dough.

A chopping board was quickly put on top of the hob as all my workspace in the kitchen seemed to be taken up with other things and this was sprinkled very lightly with flour.  The dough was kneaded very lightly and then rolled out to a thickness of 1cm.  Personally,  I would have left the dough thicker, I don’t think 1cm is thick enough for scones, but Mary does use a small 5cm cutter for her scones, so I did as the book said.  The scones were cut out with the fluted edge of the cutter and placed onto the baking sheet.  These were then lightly brushed with milk.  In all I made a total of 12 scones.  Mary says the mixture makes 14, but my cutter was slightly bigger than 5cm.

Into the preheated oven they went for 10 minutes, after which time they had risen and were a lovely golden brown.  They were put onto the wire rack to cool.  Well they should have been, but I must admit a few were sliced open, filled with jam and eaten straight away in front of the fire.

Taste wise they were nice and light and I was surprised at how fruity they were as I didn’t think 25g of mixed dried fruit was very much to put in.  If I make them again I will definitely make them a lot thicker and will probably use a bigger cutter.  A little bit too dainty for me!



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