Recipe 123 – Chocolate Swiss Roll

24th October 2012

I had decided yesterday that today was going to be a baking day.   Yesterday, both children and my husband within five minutes of walking in the door had asked me if I had baked any cakes and although I had looked at baking some cakes, I didn’t have the required blackberry jam for this cake and didn’t think that the assortment of jam I had, plum, raspberry, strawberry or blackcurrant would go, so decided that I would bake the next day (ie today) once I had done my weekly shop and bought the jam!  I would have made some blackberry jam, but blackberries this year in the neck of the woods were very scarce indeed.  I think I picked enough for one blackberry and apple pie and a blackberry cake, that was it.  I did want some for my roast pork last weekend, but there were very few to be found on the bushes and I refused to pay £2 for 150g from the supermarkets – that was daylight robbery as far as I was concerned!

Anyway with the children off to school, I started baking this cake before 8.30am, that must be a first for me!

The oven was put on to preheat and hopefully warm my kitchen up, it was definitely a very dull and miserable day outside.  My swiss roll tin was greased and lined with parchment.

Into a large bowl I cracked 4 large eggs and to this I added the sugar.  This was whisked together (using the electric whisk) until the mixture was light and frothy – it probably took a good five minutes.  The flour and cocoa were sieved together into another bowl and this was added to the egg mixture and lightly folded in.  

The mixture was turned into the tin and tipped to level out, Mary does say to give the tin a gentle shake, but my tin was well and truly full to the brim, so I think a gently shake would have ended up with the mixture all over the worktop.  Once it was nice and even it was popped into the oven for ten minutes.  This gave me just enough time to wash up the bowls, ready for my next recipe!

Just before it came out of the oven I laid a piece of parchment onto the worktop and sprinkled it with caster sugar.  The cake had just started to shrink away from the sides of the tin, to I knew it was ready to come out.  The next bit is the part I always worry about.  You have to quickly invert the tin onto the parchment.  I always envisage the swiss roll being thrown across the worktop as you flip it over, but thankfully all was OK and the tin was removed from the cake and the parchment peeled off.  

The edges of the sponge were trimmed to give four sharp edges (and it also meant I got to have a taste – don’t you just love the trimmings!).  Next I scored the cake about 2.5cm away from the end of one of the shorter edges.  The cake then had to be rolled up firmly from the cut end, with the parchment inside and left to cool.

Once cooled, which surprisingly didn’t take that long it was on with the filling.  3 tbsp of blackberry jam were slightly warmed in the microwave – Mary does say to do this in a small pan, but it was easier to use the microwave.  The cake was unrolled and the jam spread over the surface.  I didn’t think 3 tbsp would be enough, but surprisingly it was.  

Next  I had to whip up 300ml of double cream.  I decided to use a balloon whisk for this and hoped it wouldn’t take too long.  It probably took a couple of minutes, but I find it better than using the electric whisk as I find that with the electric whisk, the cream goes quite quickly from just about spreadable  (soft peaks) to over whipped.  This was then spread on top of the jam very thickly!

Now it was on with the rolling up.  The swiss roll rolled up find except that the surface of the cake itself stuck to the parchment it had been rolled up in, so the sugar I had sprinkled on the cake, was underneath a very thin layer of cake left on the parchment.  It looked fine though once I had sprinkled sugar over the top of it.

I couldn’t wait for everybody to come home before tasting it, so when I had a cup of tea at 11 o’clock, I cut myself a slice.  Wow, it was amazing.  The chocolate and the blackberry together and then the cream – delicious.  The rest of the family too thought it was very good.  Another one to add to the list to bake again!!!



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