Recipe 120 – Sticky Apricot Pudding

18th August 2012

Time for a pudding!  We don’t often have ‘puddings’ as such in our house, we normally have a yoghurt or a slice of cake, but as there are quite a few puddings in the book, I thought it time to make another one.

I had a can of apricots in the cupboard so decided on this one.  Mary says it’s easy!

The first thing I had to find was a shallow ovenproof dish measuring 28cm (11″).  To begin with I took out my round dishes but didn’t have any big enough, but soon realised it wouldn’t matter what shape the pudding was.  Eventually I decided on using my lasagne dish, this was slightly over 28cm in length but the nearest one I had to the correct size required.

The dish was greased lightly and the oven was already on with a casserole cooking away in it for tea, so there was no need to preheat.

Into the bowl went the flour, baking powder, sugar, butter, egg, lemon rind and milk.  These were beaten together until they formed a soft, cake like consistency.  So quick and easy.

The mixture was tipped into the dish and spread out.  I was slightly concerned as it didn’t appear to be very deep, but the dish was nearly the correct size, so I don’t think it would have made that much of a difference if it had been slightly smaller.  

The tin of apricots were drained and then the halves were placed cut side down over the top of the cake mixture.  Amazingly I had the correct number to put them 4 across!  Butter then had to be brushed over the top – I hadn’t noticed this part in the recipe, so quickly melted some butter in the microwave.  I must admit I wasn’t sure from the wording in the recipe whether the butter had to be brushed/drizzled over just the apricots or the whole mixture.  I did a bit of both!

To finish the dish off it had to be sprinkled with demerara sugar.  Sprinkled to me is a light covering, but checking the recipe I needed 175g of demerara sugar.  I started weighing this out and when I got to 100g I decided this was enough!  I sprinkled this over the top and the top was well and truly covered, I reckon if I had put the whole 175g on the sugar would have been about 1cm deep!

The pudding was popped in the oven for 35 minutes.  I think I probably should have taken it out about 5 minutes before I did as the sugar at the edge had started catching and had burnt very slightly.

I myself though the pudding tasted lovely, my husband liked it too, my daughter wasn’t that happy with it and my son took one look and wouldn’t even try it.  The next day I did try some cold, it wasn’t very pleasant, so a quick warm-up in the microwave and it tasted delicious again.

It was a simple dessert to make, just as Mary says and I think I will make it again, perhaps with some other fruit such as rhubarb or plums as Mary suggests.


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