Recipe 119 – Chocolate & Vanilla Pinwheel Biscuits

16th October 2012

With the Fork Biscuits in the oven I thought I’d make another batch of biscuits as the Fork Biscuits were quite tiny and 16 wouldn’t last long!

I’ll come clean now at the beginning of this recipe, I have actually attempted to bake this before – twice – both times a complete failure.  The mixture itself was fine to make, but when I attempted to roll it out, it just stuck either to the rolling pin or the board or both.  It was when it was quite hot weather wise, so maybe this had an effect on it.  However, this time everything went to plan – if it hadn’t I think I may have missed this one out!

The oven was already on so two more baking trays were lightly greased.

These little biscuits were two tone, so it was a case of making two slightly different doughs.  The first dough to be made was the vanilla one, so into a bowl went the softened butter, caster sugar, cornflour, plain flour, 1/2 a large egg (I actually weighed the egg to make sure only half the mixture went into this – I was determined they were going to work this time!) and a few drops of vanilla essence.  An all in one recipe, so very simple and quick.  I didn’t bother with the electric whisk just went straight in with a wooden spoon and then my hands. Within no time the mixture had formed a dough.  The dough was wrapped in some cling film and placed in the fridge.

It was then onto the chocolate part – the same ingredients were needed, except you had to put in 10g less of flour as you had 10g of cocoa to add.  Again it was all mixed together to form a dough, wrapped in cling film and popped into the fridge.

The dough was left in the fridge for half an hour.  Instead of taking both out, I took the vanilla dough out first and rolled it out on a lightly floured board.  It was rolled out to an oblong of roughly 25 x 18 cm.  It was becoming a bit sticky, so I was beginning to panic – was the third attempt going to end up in the bin too?!

I quickly took the chocolate dough out of the fridge and rolled it out, this was slightly stickier, but a bit of extra flour dusted onto the board and rolling pin, sorted it out.

The vanilla biscuit dough then had to be placed on top of the chocolate dough.  I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t come off the board, but it did, phew.  You were then meant to roll the dough up from the shorter end, but for some reason I did the longer side.  It appeared as I rolled it up that the two doughs weren’t going to stick together, but there was nothing I could do now, it was a case of wrapping it up in cling film and putting it in the fridge for another half hour.

After half an hour the dough was taken out of the fridge and I was pleased to see that the mixture had appeared to stick together.  Using a sharp knife the mixture was then cut into 20 slices.  I don’t think I would have been able to have made 20 biscuits if I had rolled it up from the shorter edge, so was pleased that my mistake had worked out OK!

Into the oven they went for 20 minutes.  By this time the vanilla part of the biscuit looked slightly golden brown, so they were taken out and put onto the cooling rack.

Taste wise I must admit I didn’t really like them, the vanilla part was OK, but the chocolate tasted very bitter.  My daughter thought the same, although my son and husband soon ate them up.

At least they were a success and in this case it was definitely ‘third time lucky’.



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