Recipe 118 – Fork Biscuits

16th October 2012

This is the first recipe you come to in the Biscuits & Cookie section of the book and it’s one that I keep flicking past as it looks so quick.  Today,  I decided a quick biscuit recipe or two would be good.  There were no biscuits in the house and with the children due home from school within the hour, these would be ready for their return.
There are only three ingredients in these little biscuits – butter, caster sugar and self-raising flour.  Simple – I knew I had all those in the cupboard/fridge so no need to check beforehand.  I say only three ingredients, but they are obviously very ‘posh’ biscuits as Mary says in her foreword about them that they “first made their appearance in an old red Cordon Bleu cookery book”.
The oven was put on to preheat and two baking trays were lightly greased.
Into the bowl went the butter and this was beaten with my hand whisk to soften it up.  Once softened the caster sugar was added slowly and then the flour.  By now I had given up on the hand mixer as the mixture was becoming stiff, so I resorted to a good old wooden spoon and then my hands to bring the mixture together to form a dough.  That was it, the mixing was done!
The next step was to divide the mixture into 16 little balls, which was easy, it was just a case of halving the mixture, halving the halves, halving the quarters and then halving again to leave me with 16 pieces of dough and I must admit they looked relatively even size wise – well I thought so, everybody else probably wouldn’t.
The pieces of dough were rolled into balls and placed on the baking trays.  This is where the ‘fork’ bit comes in.  You had to take a clean fork, dip it in some water and flatten the biscuits out – leaving the fork mark across them.  Once this was done they were popped in the oven for 15 minutes.  After this time I didn’t think they were golden enough, so left them in for a couple of minutes more before lifting them off the tray and placing them on the cooling tray.
They didn’t last long – I think they had all gone by the next day, the few remaining ones were put into my son’s lunch box.  
Taste wise, I thought they were a bit bland and perhaps needed a little bit of vanilla essence added to them, but the rest of the family had no complaints.

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