Recipe 115 – Marmalade Traybake

9th October 2012

Time for more baking.  I’m in the process of tidying and de-cluttering my kitchen at the moment, but had become rather bored with this, so thought I’d bake another recipe.

After sorting out the fridge and more particularly the jars of jams and marmalade we have in it, from seeing this recipe, I though that would be one more jar that would be used up as there wasn’t very much marmalade left in the bottom of the jar – I just hoped my husband didn’t want toast tomorrow morning as he may have to have it without the marmalade!

A quick read through the recipe and a check in the cupboards to ensure I had all the ingredients, as I hate missing things out or replacing them with something else – I did, so that was a good start.

The oven was put on and my traybake tin was lightly greased and the bottom lined.  I’m always tempted not to line the bottom of the tin as it is a non-stick tin, but I haven’t plucked up the courage yet, just in case the cake sticks and I can’t get it out – one day I will, but not yet!

I was pleased in some ways to see that this was an all in one mixture – it would be quick to make, but it also meant I’d be back to tidying my kitchen sooner than I would probably have liked.

Into the bowl went the butter and sugar and then added into this went exactly the same quantity of sultanas and currants.  Next ingredient was the flour, together with the baking powder.  Cherries were next on the list, 50g needed to be added, that wasn’t many, so I must admit I did put a few more in.  I was pleased to see (or hope that it was correct) that Mary didn’t say anything about washing and drying the cherries before putting them into the mixture.  All I had to do was cut them into quarters – this was actually quite fiddly as they hadn’t been washed and therefore were covered in the sticky syrup and kept sticking to my fingers and the knife.  Perhaps I won’t moan so much in the future when I read that you have to wash and dry the cherries!

My mixing bowl by this time was becoming rather full and I still had to add the eggs and a couple of tablespoons of milk.  The last ingredient to go in was the marmalade.  Mary states in the recipe not to add too much as it will cause the cake to sink in the middle, so I very carefully measured (or rather weighed) out the 2tbsp required.  2 tbsp equals 30g/30ml, so I weighed this out and put it into the mixture.  Well at this point I wasn’t sure you’d actually notice the marmalade in the cake, 2tbsp seemed a very small amount when compared to the amount of fruit etc that was in the bowl.

Looking at the huge amount of ingredients in my bowl I decided to use my electric hand mixer to blend it all together, I don’t think I would have managed to stir it in by hand.  Within a couple of minutes (or maybe less) the mixture had come together and looked very inviting – the only thing I thought was missing was some mixed spice or cinnamon, but perhaps that’s where the marmalade will come into its own.

The mixture was spooned into the tin and levelled.  On top of the cake you had to put some ‘nubbed’ sugar or crushed sugar cubes – I sprinkled over the top some crushed sugar cubes and put the tin into the oven.  It had to bake for 40 minutes and the smell was delicious – I do love the smell of fruit cake baking in the oven.

After 40 minutes it was a lovely golden brown and firm to touch, so it was removed from the oven and left to cool in the tin for ten or so minutes before turning it out and leaving it to cool on a wire rack.

Mary says to cut the cake into 24 pieces – I thought that would be rather small and cut mine into 16 pieces.  They tasted lovely, very moist, and the nubbed sugar on the top added a hidden crunch, although I must admit I couldn’t really taste the marmalade.  I used orange marmalade but must admit I do wonder what it would taste like with my favourite marmalade – Lemon & Lime – perhaps I’ll try it again using a different marmalade.



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