Recipe 112 – Farmhouse Brown Seeded Loaf

30th September 2012

After the success of the white loaf I made the other day, I thought I would attempt another ‘bread’ from the Bible!  This is one I have been meaning to make for a while  (yes another recipe I keep coming back to), but I had forgotten to buy the linseed on numerous occasions, however having purchased the linseed a while ago, I appeared not to have any porridge oats, although I was sure there was a packet in the cupboard – who’s been having porridge in the mornings??

So with the porridge oats purchased there was no stopping me.

The first thing to do was to weigh the oats and linseed into a bowl and add to this 300ml of boiling water.  This had to be mixed together and left for 10 minutes to soak and cool slightly.

Whilst waiting for the oats and linseed to soak, I weighed the strong white flour, strong wholemeal flour and sunflower seeds into another bowl and gave them a quick mix with my hand.  To this I then added some salt on one side of the bowl and some fast action yeast to the other side.

The dry ingredients were then added to the oat mixture together with just under 350ml of warm water.  In went my hands to mix it all together until it formed a soft dough.  This was turned out onto an oiled board and kneaded for 5 minutes.  I did have to add a sprinkling of flour as the dough appeared a little too wet and kept sticking to the board even though I had oiled it.

The bowl the dough was mixed in was quickly washed up and oiled so that the dough could be put back into it.  This was covered in cling film and left to prove on top of the cooker for one and a half hours.

I think in all honesty it actually proved for a couple of hours, as it was just as dinner was ready, the dough should have been knocked back.  Never mind half and hour shouldn’t make much difference.  I was surprised to see just how much the dough had risen.

The dough was turned out onto a lightly floured board and knocked back.  Mary does say to make one loaf or two from this mixture.  Looking at the size of it, I decided to split my dough into two and make two slightly smaller loaves.

The loaves were ’rounded’ on the board and put onto the baking tray (which had to be lined with parchment).  I also put a dusting of flour on the parchment.

These were then left to prove for half an hour.

After half an hour the loaves had risen considerably.  They were lightly brushed with milk and a sprinkling of oats went over the top of them.  It was then into the oven for 25 minutes.  After this time, their bottoms were ‘knocked’ to see if they sounded hollow, they didn’t, so it was back into the oven for another 5 minutes.

Now they were ready.  I must admit the smell whilst baking was gorgeous, it was quite a sweet smell, I think it must have been the oats.

Looking at them they loaves are quite flat, they seem to have spread rather a lot whilst baking – does that mean I did something wrong – not kneaded enough or proved long enough – back to Mr Hollywood’s book to see why.

Here’s a picture of them just after they came out of the oven.  I haven’t sliced it yet, but will update this once I have!


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