Recipe 111 – Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Cake

28th September 2012

“There’s no cake in the house,” is all I seem to have heard this week.  I’ve been a bit distracted, the dog had to have an unscheduled visit to the vets this week, he cut his paw open on a flint whilst out on a walk, which needed stitches (therefore he had to be sedated), bandage changed, TLC etc etc.  For a dog who loves being outside, it is now a case of putting a plastic boot over his bandaged paw every time he goes out, which is fiddly and time consuming and not something you can leave on for long as his foot starts to get too hot, which then makes the bandage moist – but I won’t go into that!. Then it’s back to the vets  yet again to have the bandage changed, so Friday afternoon while he was asleep I knocked up a loaf from Paul Hollywood’s new book and decided to bake the above.

The oven was preheated and the tray bake tin lightly greased and the bottom lined with parchment.

Into the mixing bowl went the softened butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs, milk and vanilla extract.  I was pleased to see it was an all in one recipe, as my arms were aching slightly after kneading the dough for the loaf of bread.  I had to do exactly as Mr Hollywood said in his book!

The ingredients were all whisked together with my hand mixer for 2 minutes until it was well blended.  Half the mixture had to be spooned into the tin in ‘dollops’ slightly apart from each other.

To the remaining half of the mixture I added the cocoa mixture (water and cocoa blended together), together with 50g of plain chocolate chips.  This was mixed together by hand and then spooned in between the vanilla mixture to fill the tin up.  I noticed that Mary didn’t say anything about swirling the mixture together as this is what I have previously done for
‘marbled cakes’.  I decided to give the mixture a quick swirl anyway with a skewer and popped the mixture into the oven to bake.

After 35 minutes I had a quick look, it was beginning to shrink from the sides and when I pressed my finger in the centre the top sprang back, so it was time to take it out of the oven. I was surprised again to see that the cake had to be left in the tin to cool.

Whilst the cake was cooling, it was time for me to knock back the bread dough and put it into the loaf tin before leaving it again to prove.  By now the kitchen was nice and warm so I was hoping for a good rise on the loaf.

Back to the cake.  The icing on the top was very simple, 50g of white and 50g of milk chocolate (Mary uses plain, but I know my children aren’t too keen on plain so I used milk) were melted in two separate pots and these were spooned into two small plastic bags – before I have put the chocolate into the bags and then melted them in the microwave – much easier!  A corner on each of the bags was snipped off and the melted chocolate was drizzled over the top.  The only thing that went wrong here was the fact I squeezed the bag of white chocolate too hard and the bag split, so I ended up with a huge amount of chocolate in one place.  This was quickly hidden by the milk chocolate and when sliced, it would me marked with my name!

Once the chocolate had set the cake was removed from the tin and sliced into 21 pieces.  I had only just put it in the tin when my hungry children appeared.  The cake was very good, although I must admit it didn’t appear very ‘marbled’ to me, perhaps I should have swirled it a little bit more.  

It didn’t last long…



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