Recipe 110 – Cheese Scone Round

23rd August 2012

A bit of a brief blog as not very much happened whilst making it and it was very quick!

the boys off playing rugby (well son playng – dad’s coaching or refereeing), I decided to make the Cheese Scone Round to go with the soup I was making for lunch.  It was a wet and miserable Sunday morning, so I knew the boys would need something warm when they got back.

With the soup on the go I had to time the scone to come out of the oven just after they returned.  I had worked out that they should be home by 1pm, fingers crossed!

Into the bowl went the flour, salt, mustard powder, cayenne pepper (I was pleased to see this added as this would give the scone a bit of a ‘kick’) and baking powder.  Into this went the butter which was rubbed in until the mixture looked like breadcrumbs.  It was a tiny amount of butter so didn’t take long.

I then realised I hadn’t grated the cheese, so it was out with the grater to grate 150g of mature cheddar.  That’s quite a lot of cheese!

It was at this point that I realised I was well ahead of time and the scone would be out of the oven before my son had even finished his rugby match.  So the bowl was put to one side and instead I cooked some bacon to go on top of the soup.

By now it was 12.30pm so the oven was put on to pre-heat and a baking tray lightly greased.

Two-thirds of the cheese was stirred in to the dry scone mixture.  An egg was broken into a measuring jug and the amount was made up with milk to 150ml.  This was stirred into the dry ingredients – it made a rather soft dough.    

The dough was turned out onto a lightly floured board and kneaded very lightly.  I didn’t want to overwork it!  The dough was rolled out in a circle until it was approximately 15cm in diameter.  Mary says to mark it into six wedges, but I moved it onto the baking tray before doing so.  Six wedges were scored onto the top – not very evenly I hasten to add.

Lastly before going into the oven the top was brushed with a little milk and the remaining grated cheese was sprinkled over the top.  It did seem like a lot of cheese for the top.  

Into the oven it went for 15 minutes.  The smell was gorgeous.  After 15 minutes it was a lovely golden colour from the melted cheese and quite firm to the touch.  You couldn’t really see the six wedges as there was so much cheese on the top, so I quickly ran the knife over these to define them a bit more.

Within minutes of taking the scone out of the oven the boys returned home and were very, very grateful for a bowl of hot Cheese, Potato & Bacon Soup with their Cheese Scone.  They were very filling and they definitely had a bit of a kick from the mustard and cayenne pepper.  An easy recipe and very quick to make.

Sorry about the photos – had to quickly take them before the bowls and scones were devoured – they were hungry!


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