Recipe 107 – Coburg Buns

7th August 2012

With the Carrot & Orange Loaf in the oven, I now had the bug back to bake, so with Smartie Cookies on my list to bake too, I decided firstly to bake another recipe from The Bible.  Looking through the chapters there are quite a few from which I have baked very few recipes, so I think for the next couple of weeks I will be concentrating on these chapters a bit more.

Buns & Scones – I have baked very few from this chapter, so thought I’d pick one.  I had been searching high and low for some mini-brioche tins but hadn’t been able to find any, apart from some very expensive ones which I didn’t really want to buy as I couldn’t see myself using them very much.

It was about a month ago I came across some ‘tart tins’ from Lakeland.  These looked ideal, they were new in stock and although they were silicone, I thought I’d give them a go, they did look rather pretty too.  I really needed 12, but decided to buy 8 (2 packs of 4) and to bake in batches.  I must admit since buying this ‘tins’ I have been out and bought some tiny bundt tins too from Lakeland, so I can make the ‘Rum Babas’ as seen on the Great British Bake Off recently.

Anyway, back to this recipe.  The oven was already on with the Carrot & Orange Loaf baking away in it, so it was a case of lightly greasing the mini-brioche tins (or mini tart tins in my case!).  After they had been greased the next thing was to sprinkle in to the bottom of the tins a few almond flakes.  My son  wouldn’t be eating these then as he doesn’t like almond flakes and as these were going to be visible to the eye, there would be no way he would try one!

This again was an easy all in one recipe, so into a bowl went the flour, baking powder, ground mixed spice, ground ginger and ground cinnamon – the kitchen was smelling of Christmas again!  The dry ingredients were mixed together and then the softened butter, caster sugar, egg, golden syrup and milk were added.  This was beaten together for two minutes until well blended and smooth.

Now it was a case of dividing the mixture into the cases.  The recipe made 12 buns in total, so I had to remember to save a third of the mixture for the second bake as I only had 8 tins.  The mixture was spooned in and the tins were put onto a preheated baking tray and popped into the oven.

These were left for 15 minutes until they were golden and firm to the touch.  In fact they came out at the same time as the Carrot & Orange Loaf which was good timing.  They were left for a few minutes and then turned out and left to cool upside down.  I was a bit disappointed to see that although they had risen quite a lot, they hadn’t really taken on the mould of the tin, so with the remaining mixture I decided to make 3 more buns rather than 4, in order to fill the tins up a bit more and hopefully get more of the pattern.  This did indeed work and the fluted edge on these was more defined.

My daughter soon appeared back in the kitchen once these were out of the oven to taste them for me.  Her first comment was “they’re all right, a bit bland” but then she picked another one up to have and said “actually they’re quite moreish, I think I’ll have another”.  My husband liked them and they were soon eaten up, which is good as Mary says they really should be eaten fresh on the day of making.  My son saw the almonds and avoided them, going straight for the Smartie Cookies!


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