Recipe 104 – Devonshire Apple Cake

3rd August 2012

Apologies again, I baked this cake also three weeks ago to take on holiday, but am only now typing up the blog – having returned from a lovely two weeks in Cornwall all I seem to have done for the first couple of days home was washing, washing and more washing.  It was then school uniform buying and enjoying the company of my children before they go back to school. I will, hopefully get back to baking this week!

I know we were off to Cornwall, but there wasn’t a Cornwall Apple Cake so the next county’s cake would have to do!  Apologies to all those who come from Devon!

I decided on this traybake as I had a few cooking apples in the fridge and I didn’t think they would last for another two weeks while we were away.  The oven was already on for the Pound Cake so it was a case of greasing my traybake tin and lining the bottom with parchment.

450g of cooking apples were needed for this recipe, so the first job was to peel, core and thinly slice the apples.  These were put into a bowl and a good squeeze of lemon juice was put over them to stop them from going brown.

Into another bowl went the flour, baking powder and sugar.  Into yet another bowl went the eggs and almond extract which were beaten together.  One more bowl was needed for the butter, which I admit I put in the microwave to melt rather than on the hob.  For one traybake there was a big pile of washing up stacking up!  The egg mixture was tipped into the flour, together with the melted butter.  This was then whisked together.  That was it, easy!

Half the mixture was then spooned into the traybake tin and spread over the bottom.  The apples were then arranged on top of the mixture and then topped with the rest of the cake mixture.  I managed to cover all the apples up with the mixture, although Mary does say not to worry if a few of the apple slices show through. A scattering of flaked almonds were sprinkled over the top.

The traybake then had to then go into the oven for one and a half hours.  I was surprised it had to cook for so long.  After this time, the cake was a lovely golden colour, firm to the touch and it had as Mary states in her book, started to shrink away from the sides, so I knew it was ready to come out.

It was left in the tin for around 15 minutes and then turned out, parchment removed from the bottom and left to cool.  The finishing touch to the traybake was a sprinkling of caster sugar over the top.  Again this was wrapped up and taken on holiday with us.

This cake was lovely, so moist and although Mary says it’s best eaten warm with cream or fromage frais, we all actually enjoyed it cold.

Again, apologies for the photo, it doesn’t do the cake justice.  I tried to take a picture of it cut through as I didn’t want it to be cut up into pieces, just in case it dried out too quickly whilst we were away.  The alternative photo would have just been a slab of cake!



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