Recipe 102 – American Cheesecake

30th July 2012

I had intended on making this recipe last week for the competition I enter on Twitter (@weeklybakeoff – have a look it’s very good, no prizes but it’s great fun taking part).  However, I ended up making a Key Lime Pie instead and as I had already bought the ingredients required for this recipe, I decided to make it today, and luckily I was also in time to enter it into the competition.

This cheesecake is a no bake cheesecake and I must admit I prefer these to the baked versions.  It says in the ‘Bible’ that this is a very quick and easy cheesecake to make, but reading through the recipe it says to chill overnight.  I didn’t have time to chill it overnight, 3 or 4 hours would be the maximum this would be chilled for until it was cut into!

The base was a normal cheesecake base consisting of broken up digestive biscuits, a small amount of demerara sugar and some butter.  This was tipped into my 20cm (8″) loose based tin, pushed into the sides and base and put in the fridge to set.  I must admit it did probably set for longer than all my other cheesecake bases as I made this just before lunch, after which I took the dog for a walk and on my return ended up watching just a little bit of the cross country (3-day eventing) event from the Olympics.  Well probably more than just a bit.

I finally pulled myself away from the television and took myself off into the kitchen with strict instructions given to my daughter to let me know when any competitors from Team GB were about to start.

The full fat soft cheese was mixed together with the sugar thoroughly and into this I then added the double cream and greek yoghurt.  Again these were mixed together.  I could quite easily have stopped there and eaten the entire bowl of mixture.  However the juice of one and a half lemons still had to be added – slowly – and mixed in.  I could still have eaten it all now!

The base was removed from the fridge and the filling spooned in and levelled.  It is at this point in the book it says to chill in the fridge overnight.  It was now 3pm, so this one would be chilling for approximately 3-4 hours!  Fingers crossed it would be set.

The cheesecake was removed from the fridge and removed from the tin, after I had run a knife around the edge.   It had only been in the fridge for 3 hours, but it appeared to have set.

One question I have regarding cheesecake, can anybody tell me whether or not they actually remove their cheesecake from the base of the tin.  I have tried on numerous occasions and have always failed.  The cheesecake always seems to break.  The cheesecake was put onto a plate together with the base of the tin.

It was then onto the decoration.  Mary says to decorate with raspberries.  Luckily I had only been over to my allotment the evening before and picked a huge punnet of raspberries, so I was rather spoilt and put quite a few more than the 175g suggested in the recipe.  The finishing touch should have been some melted redcurrant jelly to go over the top of the fruit.  However, I didn’t have any (only cranberry, which I didn’t think would go).  All the redcurrants in this house have been made into redcurrant cordial (alcoholic variety of course), so instead I sprinkled the top with some icing sugar.

When it came to eating it, it was delicious, even my son had a slice and enjoyed it.  There’s about a third of the cake left – I bet I know what my daughter is having for breakfast tomorrow!



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