Recipe 101 – Mini Cakes

27th July 2012

As you will have seen from my previous blog, these were little cakes for a party.  They were really for my niece and nephew as I wasn’t sure whether or not they would like the Key Lime Pie or the Chocolate Mousse Cake – the latter containing brandy, so probably not a good idea for a 6 and 2 year old!

32 petits four cases were put into my little tins and the oven luckily was already on with the Chocolate Mousse Cake cooking in it at the same temperature required for these cakes.

It was an all in one recipe so into the bowl went what seemed like a tiny amount of butter, self raising flour, baking powder caster sugar and one egg.  This was mixed together very quickly using my electric mixer.

Looking at the mixture I wasn’t sure, however, that I would be able to make 32 little cakes with this.  Mary does say to spoon scant teaspoonfuls of the mixture into the cases.  In actual fact I think each case had half a teaspoonful put in to them and I did make 32.

I was surprised to see that with such a small amount in each case they still needed to be cooked for 15-20 minutes.  After 15 minutes I had a look and they were golden brown so I took them out and put them on a rack to cool.  They had all risen perfectly, although the cases had started to peel away from a couple.

The icing for these cakes was meant to be icing sugar and water, but I decided as they were for a party I would whip up some buttercream.  It was obviously very hot in my kitchen as the buttercream was melting in the bag whilst I was piping it onto the cakes.  The cakes were quickly popped into the fridge to cool.  Luckily they wouldn’t be in there for long as it was very nearly time to go to the party.

I kept a few of the cakes back as I know my daughter loves them and took the rest to the party.  Once my niece saw them she was very excited and once she was told she was allowed to have one – I think they disappeared very quickly.  

They were lovely and so quick and easy to make – I’ll definitely bake these again!


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