Recipe 98 – Marbled Chocolate Cake Ring

19th July 2012

Being the last day of school, I thought a cake was in order to celebrate.  I had assumed the children would be home at lunch time, but needless to say they both had other ideas what to do once school had finished and both of them sauntered home about 5pm.

I had bought a ring mould tin months ago from Lakeland.  I was pleased with the purchase as it had been reduced in price because the rim in one tiny place was slightly bent.  This didn’t affect the actual tin itself for baking, that was still perfect!  This was soon fixed once we had it home, so it was a good bargain!

The oven as normal was put on to preheat.  Mary does say to line the tin with strips of baking parchment, but as this was a new non-stick tin, I didn’t really want to do this so instead I brushed it with cake release and hoped that the cake wouldn’t stick.  As my tin is slightly fluted, I thought it too much of an effort and rather difficult too to cover it with strips of parchment.

It was another all in one method, so into the bowl went the softened butter, caster sugar, 4 large eggs, self raising flour and 2 tsp of baking powder.  In a smaller bowl I mixed together the cocoa powder together with a little bit of hot water.  This was put to one side to be used in a moment.  

The mixture was mixed together with my electric whisk and then Mary says to dot half of the mixture, using a teaspoon, into the bottom of the tin.  However I found that half of the mixture was too much, so this was put into another bowl and to the remainder of the original mixture I added the cocoa and hot water.  A quick mix and the mixture was nice and chocolaty.  This mixture was then spooned in between the teaspoons of the plain mixture.  As I had too much of both mixtures I did the same again with the plain mixture and the chocolate mixture on top of the first layer until all the mixture had been used up.

It was then on to the marbling effect.  A knife was put into the mixture and swirled gently around. The marbled effect on the top of the cake looked good, I just hope it looked as good inside!  The top was very carefully levelled.

Into the oven it went for 40 minutes.  It was indeed well risen.  After a few minutes of cooling in the tin it was time to remove it.  Fingers crossed I hadn’t made a mistake by not lining the tin.  A big sigh of relief must have been heard from our house as the cake came out beautifully. Phew!
This was left to cool on a wire rack.

Once cooled, it was on with the icing.  Into a bowl went the plain chocolate a couple of tablespoons of water and a modest amount of butter.  This was placed over a pan of hot water. Mary says to stir occasionally.  I think I stirred a little more than that.  Once melted it had to be poured over the cake.  I was rather dubious about doing this as I imagined all the icing running off, so instead after first putting the cake onto a plate (I didn’t want to waste any icing!), I used a rather large spoon to spoon the mixture over.  I was quite surprised at how quickly it set, so had to hurry in order to cover the whole cake.  This then had to set for an hour.

Once the hour was up, I placed some milk chocolate into a freezer bag and melted it very gently in the microwave.  Once melted I snipped of the bottom corner of the bag and drizzled the chocolate over the top.  Again it had to be left to set.

Once home my son couldn’t resist having a slice, so I thought I would have one too!  The cake was lovely and marbled inside and tasted lovely, but both of us thought the icing to be a little on the sickly side.

My husband loved it and my daughter too thought it rather sickly.  Mary says the cake must be eaten fresh, but I must admit after having another slice after two days it tasted a lot better.  The icing appeared to have mellowed and even sweetened a bit and wasn’t at all sickly.  As the children weren’t too keen on it, my husband took most of the cake into work with him, where his fellow workers certainly enjoyed it from the feedback I received.

Will I bake it again, maybe, it’s one that I’m not to sure about.  It certainly looked very impressive, but next time maybe I’ll change the icing on the top!


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