Recipe 97 – Cut and Come Again Cake

13th July 2012

Was a bit unsure whether or not to bake today as it was Friday the 13th, but a quick reminder from my husband this morning that the cake tins were all empty, so he didn’t have any to take to work, spurred me on.

There are quite a few sections in the book where I have very nearly completed every recipe and there are also quite a few where I have baked very few – the ‘Spiced Cakes’ section being one of them.

A nice and easy recipe I felt was required this afternoon, so an all in one fruit cake seemed ideal.

The oven was put on and then a 20cm (8″) tin was taken out of the cupboard.  I do have a habit of measuring my tins every time I take them out to use them, even though I know what size they are.  I have a little tape measure in my kitchen that came out of a cracker that I use, but do you think I could find it today – no – I have looked everywhere.  I know I only used it Wednesday and thought I had put it back in its place, but no, it is nowhere to be seen.  I expect it will turn up soon – I’ve probably put it in the fridge or somewhere equally as stupid!

Anyway, the tin was lightly greased and the bottom lined and put to one side.

My big mixing bowl was taken off the top of the extractor hood over the oven (great storage area for all my bowls) and into it went a large quantity of self raising flour (350g), a teaspoon of mixed spice, caster sugar (175g), 3 large beaten eggs, (175g) currants, (100g) sultanas, (100g) raisins and 3 tablespoons milk.  You were also meant to put a rather large amount of (175g) butter into it, but today I opted for good old Flora – I bought some a few weeks ago and thought I’d try a few of Mary’s recipes with it instead as I’ve heard she swears by it, but in this book never uses it!  

With all the ingredients in the bowl, it was looking rather full and I did wonder whether or not my electric hand whisk would cope.  Perhaps I should have used the food mixer.  At first I didn’t think it would cope, it seemed to all be the dry items it was mixing, but eventually I managed to push the whisks down into the mixture and it caught hold of the egg and milk and within a few seconds it had started to mix itself up.  After about 30 seconds it had all mixed into a lovely mixture and already smelt heavenly – mixed spice, yum!

The mixture was quickly turned into the tin and levelled out.  It was then popped into the oven for 1 1/4 hours.  I didn’t feel it was quite done so it was left in there for another 10 minutes.  You were meant to leave the cake in the tin for 10 minutes once out of the oven, but I went off doing something else and I think my cake remained in the tin for nearly an hour!

Taste wise, it was very good, a typical fruit cake really – I think I may have slightly over cooked it as it seemed a little bit dry to me, but it was an easy cake to make and one that I will probably make again!



4 thoughts on “Recipe 97 – Cut and Come Again Cake

  1. I baked this last week. I have to say that I agree with you. it was a little dry. I did cut the time down by 20 mins as I was using an oblong tin rather than the 20cm one Mary recommends. larger tins do cause cakes to cook faster so I was watching it like a hawk.
    It was a very easy cake to put together so I will make it again and this time use the 20cm round tin called for in the recipe just to see if it needs the full baking time and if it remains moister.

  2. This looks exactly like the cake my grandma used to make each week for us. I loved it. Could you please send me the quantities for the ingredients …thanks

    • Hi Kate, I’ve amended the recipe to include the measurements for the ingredients. I have to be a bit careful as this isn’t my recipe so I haven’t always put in the measurements, because of copyright. Let me know how you get on and whether or not it turns out to be similar to a cake your grandma used to make for you.

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