Recipe 94 – Large All-In-One Victoria Sandwich

4th July 2012

It was into the kitchen baking as the rain had yet again forced me indoors.  The back lawn in our garden so needs cutting, the grass in some places is nearly 6″ long, but it’s been so wet it’s just been left to grow.  And with more rain today, it wasn’t going to be cut just yet!

I did intend on baking an apple pie today for our pudding, but unfortunately I haven’t enough apples!  So as I have recently made some strawberry jam with strawberries from the allotment, I decided on this cake.

The oven was put on to preheat and two 20cm 8″ sandwich tins were taken out of the cupboard.    It was at this point that I found a rusty large tin in the cupboard – it looked as though my sink had been leaking, so the cupboard was emptied and everything checked, but all seemed dry, so I’m not sure where the water had come from.  I know a few months ago my husband cleaned all the pipes under the sink, so wonder then whether he used one of my tins to catch the drips and then forgot about it!!  The tin was put in the recycling – yuk!  I’ll just have to go to Lakeland to buy a replacement…

Anyway, on with the cake –  the tins were lightly greased and their bottoms lined with parchment.

It was an all in one method and I was pleased to see that the quantities required looked substantial enough for two 20cm tins.  I have been disappointed so far with Mary’s sponge cakes (not flavour wise I hasten to add, but depth) and have always used a smaller tin, rather than the 20cm one as the cakes appear to thin – I do, as I’m sure you know from my previous blogs, like my cakes to be nice and deep!

So into a large bowl went the butter, sugar, 4 eggs, self raising flour and the baking powder.  These were all mixed together in no time with my electric whisk and the mixture was divided equally between the tins.  Once levelled, they were popped into the oven for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes they were a lovely golden brown and well risen.  They were taken out of the oven and left for a couple of minutes in the tins before removing to finish off cooling on a wire rack.

Once cool, they were sandwiched together with some of my home made strawberry jam.  Mary says to use 4tbsp, but I did use a bit more!!  To finish, a sprinkling of caster sugar went over the top.

My daughter was a bit disappointed as there was no cream in the cake, but I explained to her having just done a weekly shop, there wasn’t room for the cake in the fridge, hence the reason I had omitted it – not that it was included in this recipe anyway.

The cake looked lovely and deep and it tasted just how it should, my husband reckons it’s the best Victoria Sponge he’s ever had – one I know I will be making again and again and again



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