Recipe 90 – Wimbledon Cake

24th June 2012

Well having picked nearly 2.5kg of strawberries from the allotment this morning and with Wimbledon starting tomorrow, there really was only one cake I could bake today from ‘The Bible’ – the Wimbledon Cake.

I had every intention of baking this cake early this afternoon but after a very long dog walk (we got a bit lost in the woods – off the beaten track well and truly and wandered around for quite some time to find the path again) it was nearly 5pm by the time I started baking.

My cake oven was put on (the other oven is used for everyday baking and I won’t let anybody else touch this oven it is for cakes only – that way it doesn’t get very dirty and is easy to wipe round and clean!) and a deep 20cm (8″) round cake tin was greased and the bottom lined.

First thing to do was to separate the eggs and I’m pleased to say that this went according to plan with no shell or egg yolk going into the bowl with the whites.  This was put to one side for later.  

The egg yolks were put into another bowl to which I added some caster sugar the grated rind and juice from one orange and some semolina.  That was it, these were beaten thoroughly together.  The egg whites were then whisked until stiff and these were folded into the orange and semolina mixture.

The mixture was turned into the cake tin and levelled.  I had my doubts at this point about the size of the cake, there was no way this was going to fill this tin when baked.  I should have used a smaller tin – you all know by now I like deep cakes not thin cakes.  It was too late by now anyway, so into the oven it went for 30 minutes.  I left it in for another 5 minutes after which time it was starting to shrink away from the sides.  It had as I had feared hardly risen at all, well it had a bit, but no where near the top of the tin.

It was left to cool in the tin for a few minutes and then turned out onto a cooling rack to cool.  In the meantime we ate our Sunday roast, after which I was then asked by my daughter whether or not we were having the cake for pudding or would it be another “it’ll be ready in an hour” cake!!

So that she wasn’t disappointed it was back into the kitchen to finish the cake.  The cake by this time had cooled – it was thin and I still had to cut it horizontally in two.  My daughter did ask where the other half was, as she too thought it was on the thin side.  The cake was sliced in two and the bottom half put onto a plate.  The cream was weighed out into a bowl (slightly more I must admit than Mary says), so to offset the extra calories I decided to whip the cream by hand.  Eventually it did start to thicken, but boy were both my arms aching by then!

The cream was smoothed over the bottom half of the cake and some of the strawberries I had picked from the allotment that morning were sliced and arranged on top. Mary does in fact put the seeds of a passion fruit into her cake, but as I didn’t have one to hand (hehe!) this was left out. The top half was put on, it nearly split as it was very thin, but I managed to keep it in one piece.  The top was then decorated with more strawberries, this time cut in half.

Finally a quick sprinkle of icing sugar over the top and it was ready.  It did, I must say, look very pretty and it wasn’t long before everyone was having a slice – well two in my daughter’s case as she reckoned it was only half a cake I was giving everyone.

The cake was very moist and light with a slight taste of orange coming through.  This will not be around for long.  Definitely ‘game, set and match’ and one that will be baked again in the next two weeks of Wimbledon!


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