Recipe 88 – Dorchester Biscuits

15th June 2012

Sorry about the delay in writing up the blog for this recipe, but the weather has been kind to us over the last few days, so it’s been a case of off to the allotment to sort things out.  We have an inspection this week from the Council, so it has been all hands to the deck in order to tart the allotment up and make it look smart!!  The grass has been cut, the weeds weeded, more plants planted and a general tidy up all round.

Now it’s back to baking – or writing up of the blog – then more baking!!

The cheese biscuits have been on my list of ‘next to do recipes’ for a while, each week I have been buying an extra block of cheese in order to make these, but each week the block of cheese seems to disappear.  I must admit we are fond of cheese in this house!

So, in order to actually get round to making these biscuits I bought a block of cheese this morning and thought I would bake them straight away!.

The oven was put on and two baking trays were taken out of the cupboard.  With the amount of cheese in this recipe and all that fat, I felt that there was no need to grease them.

The first thing to do was to grate the cheese.  100g was needed.  Now I wasn’t sure at this stage whether the cheese was to be finely grated or coarsely grated.  I went for the coarse option and the 100g was soon in the bowl.  I must admit I did have to have just a little slice of cheese for myself.  The rest of the fridge was put back in the fridge, but not for long I expect once the rest of the family find it!

Next in went the butter which I cut into tiny cubes.  Only a few more ingredients, plain flour, some  chopped mixed nuts (I actually used hazelnuts as although I thought I had some mixed nuts in the cupboard I didn’t instead I had three bags of chopped hazelnuts), a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper.  For one moment my heart stopped, where was the cayenne pepper.  I have a cupboard full of spices and herbs and I literally had to empty it out to find the cayenne pepper right at the back (with the Five Spice – haha, a little Michael McIntyre joke there!).  Phew, after all that searching I was a bit disappointed to see that only 1/4tsp had to be added to the mixture.  Would that be enough, I know it has a kick to it, but 1/4 tsp!!!

The mixture then had to be brought together with a knife.  Well after a very short time, I realised that this just wasn’t going to happen and the only way to bring this mixture together would be to use your hands, so in they went and within no time the mixture had formed into a lovely ball of dough.

It was then a case of rolling these into little balls – walnut size balls Mary states.  I do have problems with sizes, but did manage in the end to make 30 balls (the quantity Mary states it will make).  I must admit I had to pinch bits from some of the balls at the end to make them all the same size.

Before they went into the oven a small sprinkle of nuts were required over the top of each ball.  This was impossible, the nuts were going everywhere except on the biscuits.  Mary states to flatten each ball down after putting the nuts on, but I found it easier to flatten them as you put the nuts on as it squashed them very slightly into the top.

Into the oven they went for 15-20 minutes.  Within 5 minutes the whole house was filled with the aroma of melting cheese.  The poor dog was going crazy!!  The 15 minutes were soon up and the biscuits had spread out and were a light golden colour.  They looked very pretty when I removed them from the oven, the edges looked as though they were lace, although this soon crumbled when I lifted them onto the cooling tray.  I’m glad I didn’t grease the trays as the biscuits were sitting in a pool of grease.

I waited a few minutes before popping one into my mouth.  First thoughts, they were cheesy, very cheesy, but very scrummy too.  It was then the cayenne pepper kicked in – wow, that was some kick!! A 1/4 tsp was obviously enough, I’m glad I didn’t put a little extra in!

It was quite amusing when my husband came home from work, he walked into the kitchen picked one of the biscuits up and popped it into his mouth.  I then heard, “urgh, what are these, oh no they’re really nice?!”  It turned out he was expecting a sweet biscuit and got rather a shock when he had a mouth full of savoury biscuit instead.  It’s amazing how your eyes deceive you sometimes!

Anyway, all in all they tasted very cheesy and the kick of cayenne pepper at the end was a nice bonus.  Another one I will be baking again!


2 thoughts on “Recipe 88 – Dorchester Biscuits

  1. We love eating cheese too and need to buy at least 2-3 blocks when they are on discounts. Using cheese to make biscuits is such a delicious idea. Yours look fantastic 🙂

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