Recipe 87 – Petits Fours aux Amandes

14th June 2012

A busy morning sorting things out and a lovely long walk with the dog – I thought I’d be clever and walk him late morning before the rain arrived.  He had a lovely swim in four different tributaries of the river and the sun shone down on us!

So after lunch with all the washing hanging on the line to dry, I picked up The Bible to see what I fancied baking.  In all honesty I wasn’t sure I felt like baking, I think I’m getting a cold, runny nose, sore throat etc – but it maybe a case of hayfever as we did walk through some very long grass in the fields this morning.  Put it this way, I couldn’t even see the dog jumping around, all I saw was the grass moving!

I needed something easy and quick.  There was after all a lot of the chocolate traybake to eat!  I decided upon these little Petits Fours, they looked simple and quick.  I actually decided to halve the recipe, so we didn’t have too much to eat, although I know they are tiny.

The oven was put on and one baking tray was greased.  I was feeling lazy and decided not to line it!  Fingers crossed they didn’t stick!

Next it was onto the piping bag.  Mary said to fit the piping bag with a large star nozzle.  I couldn’t find the attachment to the bag for my really large star nozzle, so had to go with a smaller one.  

Only four ingredients needed in the recipe, well three really as one was a little almond extract.  First thing was to separate a large egg.  I knew I had large eggs as that’s all our chickens lay, they’re huge!  The separation was a success, there was no egg shell in the bowl at all.  The yolk was put to one side, I will have to decide what to do with that later.

It was then a case of whisking the egg white until stiff, which didn’t take long at all.  Into this I then had to fold in some ground almonds and caster sugar, together with the almond extract.  That was it, easy.  The mixture was spooned into the piping bag and it was a case of piping small rosettes onto the baking tray.  The recipe states that this would make 24 petits fours, so as I had halved the recipe, I would be making 12.  Well, 12 rosettes later and I had hardly used any of the mixture.  I piped over the top of the 12 to make them bigger and then ended up piping another 12.  My nozzle was obviously on the small side!!

They looked quite cute on the tray, and I nearly put them in the oven without putting a small slice of cherry on the top of them.  Luckily I remembered just in time.  The piece of cherry had to be small and I only used one and a half cherries for all 24 of them.  I quickly ate the leftover half, yum and popped the lid back on the rest or I would start picking at them.

So, into the oven they went for 15 minutes after which time they were a lovely golden colour.  Now would they come off the tray?  The first one resisted a little and I thought oh no, they’re stuck, but the rest of them came away easily. 

Lastly the petits fours had to be finished with a brushing of sugar and milk mixed together.  This was rather amusing as my pastry brush seemed to envelop them as I brushed them.  However, it did give them a lovely shine.

Tastewise, they are gorgeous, just like the macaroons you used to have years ago in shops with the rice paper on the bottom.  There aren’t many left already, but then they are tiny, about the size of an ‘iced gem’.


2 thoughts on “Recipe 87 – Petits Fours aux Amandes

  1. Ooh, I do love macaroons and yours look very pretty with the cherry on top. I bought myself some rice paper a year ago now for this very purpose, but still haven't used it yet!

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