Recipe 85 – Bara Brith

11th June 2012

With the Orange Wholemeal Victoria Loaf in the oven baking, a quick flick through a couple of pages and I came across the Bara Brith. 

This was going to be a two stage recipe as the first stage was the soaking of the fruit overnight in tea, so I thought I could do this now and then put the cake in the oven in the morning.

Into a bowl went the currants and the sultanas.  I admit it took about 10 minutes to locate the currants – they were right at the back of one of the wall cupboards and being of a short disposition I do struggle to find ingredients that have been put up there.  I did have a slight shortfall on the amount of currants required, but made the weight up with extra sultanas.  I do prefer sultanas to currants anyway!  Also added to the bowl was a rather large amount of muscovado sugar.  This was stirred through and then on top of the sugary fruit went 300ml of very strong tea.  This was covered over and put to one side.

I asked my husband if he could pre-heat the oven for me in the morning, so that I could bake the cake before going to work – well that was the intention.  With post-it notes left all around the kitchen and in various other places about the house – so he wouldn’t forget I measured the flour out into a bowl and covered it for the morning.

Yay, hubby remembered to put the oven on so  a 2lb loaf tin was greased and lined and the flour was added to the tea mixture together with one beaten egg.  That was it, no butter or fat of any sort – could I call this a healthy recipe!?.  A quick mix to bring it all together and into the tin it went.

It had to remain in the oven for one and a half hours, so at about 8.30 am I had a look, but decided it needed a bit longer, my cake tester didn’t come out clean!  10 minutes later and it was a case of it had to come out of the oven as I had to leave for work in 10 minutes.  It had to remain in the tin for 10 minutes before turning it out – phew I would just have enough time.  I turned it out onto the cooling rack and must admit, I wasn’t too sure if it was completely cooked through.  Time would tell when it came to the cutting of it.  Anyway it was off to work for me!

Back from work and finally cut the cake (or should I say loaf) this evening.  It is extremely moist and very tasty and it was cooked through!  I think, however, the next slice will have butter on it!!

Sorry about the photo, I don’t think it does the loaf justice, it is so full of fruit.  The lighting at the moment seems terrible with the awful weather we’re having, even the flash on the camera doesn’t appear to have made much difference.



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