Recipe 84 – Orange Wholemeal Victoria Loaf

11th June 2012

I’m already getting fed up with the football on the TV and it’s only the 4th day of playing.  Put a rugby match on and I’m there watching it, but football, sorry they’re all overpaid prima-donnas!  I feel that during the next three weeks I’m going to be in my kitchen baking lots of recipes from the ‘Bible’ as two football matches each evening will drive me mad!!

To help me to decide on which recipe to cook, I asked my husband to pick a page.  The first one he suggested was a title page for one of the sections and the second was a recipe I had already made.  Third time lucky, he picked this page!  A quick read through the ingredients required just to make sure I had everything – I did, so it was off to the kitchen to bake, yay!!

First thing was to put the oven on and then to lightly grease a 2lb loaf tin and line the bottom with parchment. 

Out with the mixing bowl (another one of Mary’s all in one recipes so very little washing up!) and into it went the butter.  As I wasn’t planning on baking the butter was a bit too firm, so it was popped into the microwave to soften up a bit.  Into this went the light muscovado sugar, I nearly made the mistake of opening a new packet, but realised just in time that there was another opened packet  a bit further back.  I really must sort my cupboards out, I have a tendency to buy ingredients and put them in the cupboard at the front, instead of rotating the ingredients so the new items go to the back and the opened items are at the front!  Next it was onto the flour.  Two different types of flour were needed for this recipe, self-raising and wholemeal self-raising.  I have a bag of wholemeal self raising which has been open now for a couple of months, so was glad to be using it.  I must look through the book for some more recipes which require it before it goes out of date!  It seemed a tiny amount of flour to add, but that’s what the recipe says, so into the bowl it went.

The next addition was the rind of one orange – the naked orange was put back in the fridge – fruit salad tomorrow for pudding – there are quite a few ripe bananas that need using up too!  The last ingredient to be added were the eggs – two eggs were cracked into the bowl and it was a case of mixing it all together – with an electric whisk I hasten to add, as it had to be mixed for two minutes until it was smooth.

I then spooned the mixture into the loaf tin.  Mary does state that the mixture will not fill the tin – it only just covered the base.  A quick re-read of the recipe to make sure I had used the correct tin – I had.  Gosh, I really couldn’t see this cake rising to the top of the loaf tin, but time will tell.  The mixture was levelled out and put in the oven.

Forty minutes later the cake had risen, but nowhere near to the top of the tin.  I turned it out onto the cooling tray and left it there to cool.  A while later I came back to make the topping.  This consisted of butter, icing sugar and a tablespoon full of orange marmalade.  Orange marmalade is my husband’s favourite, so I knew there would be a jar in the fridge – however, there was only about a tablespoon left – I hope he doesn’t want toast in the morning!!  This was all mixed together until nice and creamy and spread onto the top of the cake.  My daughter sampled a bit of the icing and thought it was nice, so hopefully the cake will be too.

The cake itself looked rather tiny and I think if I make it again I will use a 1lb loaf tin to get more depth to the cake.  Taste wise it was very good indeed.  I cut the first slice, well two actually in order to take the photograph and before I knew it both slices had gone.  As I was the only one in the house at the time, I must have eaten both of them!!


2 thoughts on “Recipe 84 – Orange Wholemeal Victoria Loaf

  1. I share your sentiments about football – I'd much rather watch rugby, much more pleasing on the eye too! This cake looks fab, the addition of marmalade in the icing sounds delicious too!

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