Recipe 80 – Crunchy Orange Syrup Loaves

27th May 2012

Gosh, I’ve just realised looking through my blogs that I haven’t typed up the blog for recipe No 7 of my challenge from last week, and it was one of the best bakes yet!

Need to think back now to when I baked it!

Right, it was Sunday afternoon, we had been up early to take the dog out before it got too hot and had been to the allotment.  The rest of the day seemed to have flown past.  Anyway I can remember that Paul (my husband) had been out to purchase yet more food for another BBQ! He’d bought a whole chicken so he had decided to ‘spatchcock’ it and marinade it and was most annoyed when I waltzed into the kitchen with every intention to start baking!  It was his kitchen this afternoon!

A quick recipe I told him, very easy won’t take me 10 minutes and I’ll be out of your way.  So off he went too-ing and fro-ing between the BBQ and the bits and pieces he was cooking.  It always amazes me that as soon as the BBQ comes out, so does the chef in the ‘boys’ in the family.  Even my son last year was digging pits in our garden to make into BBQs, he’d line them with bricks, use an old griddle tray of mine over the top and away he would go.  The food was good he cooked on them too!

Anyway, back to the recipe.  This is another recipe whose title appealed to me, they sounded so appetising and the fact that you baked two of them was even better.

So, the oven was put on and two 1lb loaf tins were lightly greased and their bottoms lined with parchment.

It was another of Mary’s famous all in one recipes, so into the bowl went the butter, self-raising flour, baking powder, caster sugar, 2 eggs and the finely grated rind of an orange.  Luckily I had one orange left over from the fruit salad I had made the other day.  The ingredients were beaten for approximately two minutes with the electric whisk and I must admit the mixture tasted lovely already.

It was then a case of spooning the mixture into the loaf tins, levelling the surface and then popping them into the oven for 30 minutes.  Even my husband was impressed with how quick they were to make. 

Whilst they were in the oven it was time to make the crunchy topping.  The juice of one orange was required and I must admit that the orange I had was incredibly juicy.  Into the juice went 100g of caster sugar and this was mixed together.  After 30 minutes the cakes were ready to come out of the oven, they were lovely and golden and springy to the touch.  Immediately the mixture had to be spooned over the top of the cakes.  I’ve a feeling I had slightly too much of the syrupy mixture due to the over juicy orange – but it all went on top of the cakes.

It was then a case of leaving them in the tins until cool.  Once cool, it was time to remove them, the only way I can describe this is they reminded me of syrup puddings, they were so, so soft.  A little piece broke off one of the corners, so I was able to have a quick taste.  They even tasted like syrup puddings, but with a hint of orange – they were delicious – something else I would be proud to serve in a first-rate coffee shop.  I was surprised to see that Mary thinks they don’t look madly exciting – I thought they looked fantastic and definitely a cake that would catch my eye!

And the BBQ, the chicken and the rest were all gorgeous too – long live this sunny weather, I’m loving it, although wilting at times!!


One thought on “Recipe 80 – Crunchy Orange Syrup Loaves

  1. Lovely! I agree, it's definitely a cake which would appeal to me if I saw it in a coffee shop. I have this recipe bookmarked in my baking bible. I made Mary's crunchy top lemon cake this week and it was delicious.

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