Recipe 79 – Lemon Swiss Roll

26th May 2012

I have been dying to make this recipe for quite some time, so with one lonely lemon left in the fridge, I decided that now was the time to make it.

Having got over my fear of rolling up Swiss rolls, since my last attempt (the jam swiss roll) turned out quite successful I was actually looking forward to this one.

Having baked Swiss rolls now a few time, I’m amazed at how stunning a cake can look with just a few ingredients.   Let’s hope this one turned out well.

The oven was put on, thankfully it wouldn’t need to be on for long as the cake cooks so quickly, as my kitchen had already heated up having continuous sunshine pouring through the windows for most of the morning.  My Swiss roll tin was removed from the cupboard and lined with baking parchment.

Four large eggs were cracked into a bowl and the sugar and lemon rind added.  It was out with the electric whisk for this one, there was no way I would use a hand whisk as the mixture had to be whisked until it was light and fluffy and the whisk had to leave a trail when lifted out.  It wasn’t long before the mixture was at this stage, so it was onto sieving the flour in and gently folding it in.

The mixture was turned into its tin and although Mary says to give the mixture a gentle shake to even it out and to spread it into the corners, I did have to use a palette knife to spread it out.  My mixture was level it not slightly proud of the tin – aargh, I hope this would be OK once in the oven.

It was at this point my neighbour came round with a lovely bottle of wine for us – my husband had very kindly been over to their house that morning to fix their shower screen – somehow it had managed to displace itself from the runners and they were having trouble getting it back on.  So whilst we were chatting the cake was put in the oven and the timer set.  After 8 minutes the timer went off, the cake looked lovely.  My neighbour couldn’t believe that it had cooked in that time.  The cake was quickly turned out onto a sheet of baking parchment that had been sprinkled with sugar.  It was then time to remove the parchment from the bottom of the cake.  This was peeled off very carefully and I must admit one of the corners of the cake did tear slightly, but this wasn’t a concern because the next job was to neaten up the edges with a sharp knife and score a line across one of the shorter edges (about 2.5cm in from the edge – to start the ‘roll’ off).

The offcuts tasted gorgeous and they had soon been eaten!  It didn’t take very long to cool, so I quickly spooned on some lemon curd (not homemade I’m afraid as I had only the one lemon left), but I knew there was a jar in the cupboard.  This was spread over the cake and I must admit I did add a couple more spoonfuls as in my opinion 4 tablespoons were not enough.

It was then onto the ‘roll’ – I tried to roll the cake up firmly and I was impressed with the size of the cake once rolled up.  I knew the first thing I had to do once cut was to pop over to my neighbours with a couple of slices as she was so impressed at how quick and easy it seemed to make a Swiss roll.  She was delighted and said she was going to eat her slice straight away and maybe her husbands too as he was out.

Once home, I must admit I couldn’t resist and I had to have a slice.  It was so, so light – delicious, I’m glad I chose today to make this and it will definitely be one I will be baking again – very soon I think – a good one for the Jubilee!

And I just remembered in time to take a photo – albeit of what was left before it all went!


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