Recipe 78 – Easy Lemon Cheesecake

26th May 2012

The fifth recipe for the challenge this week.

It was another gloriously sunny and very hot day.  A BBQ had been planned for the evening, so I thought it would be nice to make a dessert from ‘The Bible’.  Definitely something cold and something light.

I loved the Key Lime Pie I made a few months ago, so decided on the Easy Lemon Cheesecake, as reading through the ingredients it sounded light and refreshing – just what would be needed.

10 digestive biscuits were required for the base.  A quick look in the biscuit tin revealed that we only had 5 digestive biscuits, so who had been eating them, nobody apparently in the house likes them, or so they say!  A quick search through  the cupboard and I discovered a packet of malted milk biscuits (or cow biscuits as they were called by the children when they were little), but no digestives.  Decision made, malted milk biscuits would have to do.  I weighed the 5 digestive biscuits, doubled the weight (as I needed 10) and weighed out the malted milk biscuits.  These were put in a bag and bashed with a rolling pin until they were crumbs.

In a small pan I melted the 50g of butter.  Into this went the biscuits and demerara sugar and stirred in to coat everything.  I tipped the mixture into a 23cm (9″) flan tin and started to spread them out.  Mary says to put the mixture up the sides of the tin as well, but I wasn’t happy that the base was going to be thick enough, so I decided on just putting them on the base, the crumbs were pressed down and the tin popped into the fridge so it could set, as there was no way it would set out on the worktop.

The cheesecake filling was very simple, the most time consuming part was probably  grating the rind and juicing the 3 lemons that were required in this recipe.

First the cream, condensed milk and soft cheese (whoops, Mary’s recipe has low fat soft cheese, I only had the full fat version – I was beginning to think whether I could actually say I had bake this recipe as I seemed to be making quite a few variations) and lemon rind.  This was mixed together and didn’t look very appealing, it looked like a curdled mess.  Into this I added the lemon juice, a little at a time and whisked it together between additions.  Finally all the lemon juice had been added and the mixture had thickened.  I think it’s an amazing bit of chemistry how the lemon juice reacts with the condensed milk to make the mixture thicken.

The flan tin with the biscuit base was taken out of the fridge and the cheesecake filling was spooned in and levelled out.  I could quite easily have eaten it there and then – but no it had to go back in the fridge to set.  My daughter at this point came into the kitchen to see if it was ready to eat – she wasn’t very pleased when I told her it had to chill in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours!

Whilst the food on the BBQ was cooking, I took a moment to whip up the double cream and pipe it on the top of the cheesecake.  Onto this I added some sliced strawberries.

Eventually it was time to cut into it and have a slice.  I must admit the biscuit base was a bit crumbly, but overall it was delicious, very light with a lovely taste of lemon, which wasn’t too over-powering.  The whole family liked it, although I must admit if I made it again I probably wouldn’t put the cream or strawberries on top – I would probably sprinkle over a little bit of lemon zest as I felt it would have been perfect naked!


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