Recipe 77 – Chocolate Crispies

24th May 2012

A quick recipe before the children came home from school and something I knew they would enjoy!

This was a recipe from the ‘Baking for Children’ section of the book and I have made these many, many times with the children when they were growing up.

Mary uses cornflakes in her recipe, but as I didn’t have any in the cupboard and I didn’t really want to buy a whole packet of cornflakes just for this, I had a quick look in the cupboard to find two small boxes of ‘honey shreddies’ which the children obviously didn’t like (they probably wouldn’t like these cakes then – I won’t tell them what’s in them – wicked mother!) – a quick check to make sure they were still in date as I haven’t bought the children these small boxes for quite a time.  Luckily they were – hopefully they would work just as well!

The plain chocolate was broken into a saucepan and into this I added the golden syrup and butter.  This was melted over a gentle heat and stirred gently to bring it all together.

Whilst the chocolate was melting I popped 18 paper cases onto a baking tray ready for filling.  I also slightly crushed the ‘shreddies’ as I didn’t think whole shreddies would be very appetising.

Once the mixture had all melted together I tipped in the shreddies and gave it a good stir so they were all evenly coated.  It was then a case of spooning the mixture into the cases.  These were then put into the fridge to set – there was no way they would set on the worktop in this heat.  I must admit they didn’t look particularly attractive!

Personally, I think the plain chocolate was a little bit too bitter – perhaps a bit more golden syrup was needed.  The children just laughed when they saw them – I think they think I’ve gone slightly mad since starting this challenge!!  They are disappearing, but very slowly – not sure whether it’s the bitterness of the chocolate or the shreddies.  Oh well, I should have kept them for my little niece and nephew – they would have appreciated them – I think!!


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