Recipe 75 – Apple and Cinnamon Cake

22nd May 2012

Onto my second recipe of the week, this one had been chosen by my son.

Looking through the ingredients I didn’t have any cooking apples so it was down to the shops first thing to buy some.  Normally I have cooking apples from my mum and dad’s apple tree, but these had, by now all been used up.

Mary says that this is a cake that you would expect to find in a first-class coffee shop or tearoom, so my expectations of this cake were high.

The oven as usual was put on to pre-heat.  Mary suggests using a 23cm (9″) deep cake tin, but I found I didn’t have one of these (oh no, does this mean another visit to Lakeland – what else will I come out with, there’s no way I can only go in and buy only one item!), so instead I used a 20cm (8″) tin.  This was lightly greased and the bottom lined with parchment.

I was glad that I read right through the recipe first because although it states in the ingredients that the apples are to be peeled, cored and grated, it doesn’t actually say in the recipe itself.  So before starting anything else the apples were peeled, cored and grated.  As usual the dog appeared as soon as the cheese grater had been taken out of the cupboard, but soon disappeared back into the sunshine when he realised it wasn’t cheese!  I knew I’d have to work quickly now as the apples would soon begin to brown.

Into the bowl went the butter,  muscovado sugar, eggs, sultanas, flour and baking powder.  In Mary’s recipe she does say to add walnuts too, but my son doesn’t like walnuts and had specifically asked me to leave them out.  There should have been 100g of chopped walnuts in the cake, so I wasn’t sure whether or not to add more sultanas to make up the difference.  I decided in the end to leave it how it was and to see what the mixture looked like once I had mixed it all up.

It was a case of out with the electric whisk and the mixture was whisked together for a couple of minutes.  It looked fine, nice and thick, so I decided against adding any more sultanas.

Half of the mixture was then spooned into the cake tin and levelled out.  On top of this went the grated apple, which again was spread over the top.  I had just placed a spoonful of the remaining mixture on top of the apple, when I realised I had to sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the apple, so I very carefully removed the spoonful of cake mixture and sprinkled the teaspoon of cinnamon over the top.  It looked like an awful lot of cinnamon, but we all love cinnamon in this house, so I knew there would be no problem taste wise.  

The remaining mixture was spooned on top of the apple and again levelled out.  To finish off the top of the cake was sprinkled with a generous amount of light muscovado sugar.  It was then put into the oven for 1 1/4 hours.

I did leave a little bit of the mixture in the bowl for a taste, it was lovely and after 30 minutes the kitchen was smelling heavenly – apples, cinnamon and cake … although by now was also feeling extremely hot with the oven being on and the glorious sunshine warming my kitchen up too!

After the set time I removed the cake from the oven, it was indeed well risen and a lovely golden brown colour.  It was left in the tin for a few minutes and then turned out onto a wire rack to cool.  You could see where the apple mixture was in the cake – there was a line through the middle.  It looked and smelt wonderful.

Mary said that this cake is lovely served warm, so it wasn’t long before the cake was cut into and sampled.  It was indeed fit for a tearoom.  One that will definitely be baked again and one that wouldn’t last long in this house!

I don’t think the photo here does it justice, it was taken in a bit of a rush as the dog was waiting for his walk and the children were waiting for a slice of cake … so it was a quick snap and run shot!


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