Recipe 71 – Coffee Victoria Sandwich

Muffins baked and out of the oven, so the request from my daughter was for a ‘big cake’, not a tray bake, not biscuits a big cake!

After suggesting a few recipes (I really wanted to bake the Lemon Swiss Roll), she decided upon the coffee cake – I think mainly because it had buttercream on top and in the middle!!

The oven was already on, so it was a case of greasing and lining two sandwich tins.  Mary suggests 20cm (8″) sandwich tins, however I decided on using the 18cm  (7″) tins – two reasons, firstly the other coffee cake (with walnuts) that I made from the Bible used 18cm tins and they turned out extremely thin, I actually baked the recipe twice as I thought I had done something wrong, but when I looked at the ingredients they were half the amount I normally use for 18cm tins and secondly I do like my sponge cakes nice and deep!  So 18cm tins were greased and the bottoms lined.

4 large eggs were broken into a bowl and into this the instant coffee granules were mixed until dissolved, I must admit the resulting mixture didn’t look very pleasant, a horrible brown coloured eggy mixture, yuk.  It was another all in one recipe (I did read the recipe through this time to make sure the eggs and coffee were not to be added at the end!).  So into the bowl went the softened butter, the caster sugar (I had just enough from the bag that was already open, so there had been no need to go to the supermarket for some more after all), the self raising flour and a couple of teaspoons of baking powder.  This was quickly blitzed with the hand mixer until it was lovely and smooth.  I’m not a fan of coffee, in fact I don’t drink it at all, but coffee cake mixture I love, so I put the whisk to one side, so I could eat the mixture on it once the cake was in the oven, that’s if my daughter didn’t get to it first.  She was busy revising for her Spanish AS for tomorrow, so I should be OK!!

The mixture was divided evenly into the two sandwich tins and levelled out.  They looked good, it should be a lovely deep cake!  Into the oven they went for 25 minutes after which time they were well risen and ready to come out.  I left them in the tins for about five minutes and then turned them out to cool onto a wire rack.

The cooling bit is the painful part as far as my daughter is concerned.  All she wanted was a slice of cake for her pudding, but the cakes were still a bit to warm to fill with buttercream.  I must admit I got sidetracked for a while and it wasn’t until about 9pm that I actually made the buttercream.  Icing sugar and butter were put into a bowl and a tablespoon of coffee essence – essence is that the same as extract?!  I only had extract and I know from watching Eric Lanlard he wouldn’t allow essence in his kitchen, only extract – I was surprised at Mary for suggesting this!  I didn’t add quite as much extract as I think it is stronger, so after adding a tablespoon of milk too, it was all mixed together.

Half of the buttercream was put in the middle of the cake and the other half spread over the top.  The cake was lovely and deep, just how I wanted it to be.  Now do I wait until tomorrow to sample it or shall I have some now … in walked my daughter – a slice now would be lovely, so that’s what we did.  My husband couldn’t believe that we were eating cake so late in the evening – he doesn’t know what he missed!!

The cake was lovely and light and the icing had a subtle taste of coffee, yum!  The next day and the cake is now nearly gone, husband likes it but thinks that taste wise the coffee flavour could be a bit stronger.  He’s a fan of coffee and likes it quite strong, but for me it was just right!

13th July 2012


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