Recipe 69 – Basic White Meringues

10th May 2012

I had nearly forgotten about these, if it wasn’t for flicking through the photos on my phone, they would have been missed.

Having baked some biscuits (from another book!) the day before which only needed egg yolks, I remembered I had the egg whites still sat in the fridge and I knew there was a simple meringue recipe in ‘The Bible’.

The dinner was cooking away in the oven, so I thought I would knock these little meringues up whilst waiting for it to cook.

The other oven was put on to preheat at a low temperature of 100C and two baking trays were lined with parchment.

Into a bowl went the egg whites and these were whisked (with an electric whisk I hasten to add) until they were stiff, but not dry.  It was then a case of adding the sugar, a teaspoonful at a time and whisking well in between.  Eventually all the sugar had been added (which seemed to take an age) and the meringue was stiff and glossy.

A 1cm nozzle had to be fitted to a piping bag for these.  Well I went through all my nozzles and believe me I have quite a few, but did I have a 1cm nozzle, no!  I had some a bit smaller and some a bit bigger.  I opted for the larger size one.  By this time I think my meringue had been sitting around for a good 5 minutes and in my warm kitchen the meringue seemed to have lost some of its stiffness!  

Anyway the meringue was spooned into the piping bag and small 5cm circles (or shells) were piped out.  They were just about holding their shape, so fingers crossed they would be ok.  These were then popped into the oven for an hour.  After an hour I had a quick look at them, but they were still sticking to the parchment, so they remained in the oven for another 15 minutes.  The oven was then turned off, the door left ajar and the meringues were left to cool.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any whipped cream, so they were popped into a tin ready to fill another day, or so I thought.  They were actually never filled with cream, it was a case of little fingers taking them out of the tin to eat just as they were, yum!



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