Recipe 68 – Treacle Sponges

3rd May 2012

After yet another week of wet and miserable weather, I needed to bake something to cheer everybody up.

Fish pie was in the oven – that would cheer me and the hubby up at least, but I thought a nice sponge pudding would do the trick with the children.

I must admit I did think these would be very small puddings, the tins looked tiny, I hoped they wouldn’t disappoint!

The pudding basins were lightly greased and a saucepan put on the hob.  I thought I should test first to see if I could fit all 4 pudding basins in.  I couldn’t, only 3 would go in.  I didn’t want to get my big steaming pan down from the top of the cupboards that I use for my Christmas puddings, so I opted for my heavy based frying pan and hoped this would be OK.  All 4 pudding basins went in this easily, I could have probably put another 4 in!!

First I had to measure out the golden syrup and add to this 1tbsp of lemon juice.  This then had to be blended, not easy, the juice just seemed to sit on top of the syrup for ages, but eventually I managed to stir it in.  This was then divided equally between the 4 pudding basins.

Before starting on the sponge the pan was filled with some water and put on to boil, so it would be ready for the puddings to go straight in once they had been prepared.

Next it was onto the sponge.  This was an all in one recipe, so into a bowl went the grated rind of a lemon, the softened butter, the caster sugar, 2 eggs, the self raising flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.  This was mixed together for a couple of minutes until it was smooth.  I admit at this point I did have a quick taste of the mixture – one of the perks of baking – it was lovely.

The mixture was spooned into the basins and the tops were smoothed over very gently with a palette knife.  I didn’t want to press too hard as I could imagine the syrup mixture shooting out.

Each pudding had to be covered with a pleated lid of baking parchment and foil.  I remembered that in my cupboard I had some foiled lined parchment so used this instead.  These were tied on with some string and then carefully placed into the boiling water.  On with the lid, the timer was set for 45 minutes and away they cooked.  After a few minutes it was apparent that one of the puddings was determined to escape – the foil must have been slightly shorter on one side and you could see a little bit of the pudding escaping, the others had all risen up and the foil appeared to be bulging.

After 45 minutes they were removed from the pan and put to one side whilst we ate our dinner.  I couldn’t wait to turn them out.  They came out of the basins easily and they were covered with the runny syrup.  The smell was amazing.  I only remembered just in time to take a photo of the last one – this was the one which had tried to escape from the basin whilst cooking, hence the uneven bottom!

These went down very well indeed and one everybody wants me to bake again.  Mary does suggest  extra warm golden syrup to serve, but I think you will agree from the photo there was plenty of syrup already!


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