Recipe 67 – Date and Cherry Butter Bars

1st May 2012

A new day, a new month, hopefully the baking would be better than the two recipes (well one really, the other I didn’t really like), I baked last week.

This recipe is the one I had originally decided to bake the other day, only to realise I didn’t have any dates – so I baked the recipe on the opposite page – Bakewell Slices.

I had bought the dates last week, so knew I had all the ingredients.  First things first, the oven was preheated and my traybake was lightly greased.

Preparation first – 75g of dates had to be chopped.  The easiest way I decided would be to use scissors, so these were quickly chopped and put into a bowl.  Then it was onto the cherries.  Now where were they, I knew I had some, I literally had to empty the cupboards to find them right at the back.  I had things stacked up so high that believe it or not they were at the top of a pile of goodies, literally right underneath the worktop.  10 minutes wasted at least!  Only 25g were needed, that didn’t appear to be many cherries, but once chopped and added to the dates, it didn’t look too bad.  To the fruit I added the sugar and gave it a quick stir.

Next it was time to weighh out the flour and baking powder and also the butter.  This was rubbed in until it resembled breadcrumbs.  The sugar and fruit were then stirred in and finally one lightly beaten egg was added.  The mixture was then to be brought together to form a dough.  This took some doing.  My mixture was very reluctant to come together, but after a bit of a fight I did manage to get it into a ball.  After kneading it for a few minutes it became nice and smooth.

The mixture then had to be pressed into the tin.  I must admit when I put the dough in the tin, I did think there was no way this mixture was going to fit, I needed twice as much.  But it did fit, although it did seem rather thin.  Into the oven it went for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes it was removed and cut into 24 bars.  Mary says bars, but mine were actually squares, I couldn’t quite see how I could cut them into bars, they would have been about 2cm in width and I couldn’t imagine getting them out of the tin without breaking.  It was then back into the oven for another 10 minutes until golden in colour.  Once removed they were re-cut and then had to be left in the tin to cool.

Once cooled they were removed from the tin and quite a few were consumed there and then by myself and children.  They were very moist and very scrummy indeed.  Although they sound quite healthy, I don’t think they really are, but definitely one to make again.  Phew, better than Sunday’s baking!!



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