Recipe 66 – American Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

29th April 2012

My daughter had been asking for a cheesecake for the last couple of weeks, so I thought this chocolate one would appeal to her taste buds!

I should have known after yesterday’s recipe that there would be something I needed for this recipe today!

The oven was put on and a 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin greased.  I have just realised that I actually lined the bottom of my tin and needn’t have bothered.  It was only from typing this blog  and reading through the recipe again that I realised!

The first thing I had to do was to break up 100g of plain chocolate digestive biscuits.  I couldn’t believe that this equated to six biscuits, that left 3/4 of the pack over – how strong willed will I be not to eat them – my son did have a look, but decided that they wouldn’t be very nice ‘dunked’ in his cup of tea as they were plain.  I tried to convince him that the plain chocolate and the sweet digestive would be lovely and to take them away, but he wouldn’t have any of it and went off to find some more biscuits.

The biscuits were put into a bag and broken up with a rolling pin.  It didn’t seem like very many biscuits and looking at the base of my cake tin, I must admit I was slightly worried that I would have enough!  The biscuit crumbs were added to some melted butter I had put in the microwave and mixed together.  I tipped the mixture into the base of the tin and pressed it into the base – it was going to be a very thin base – I would have put at least twice the amount in – I do like a good base on my cheesecake, so I hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed.  The cake tin was put into the fridge to allow the base to set.

It was then on with the filling.  The plain chocolate was put into a bowl and melted and then put to one side to cool.  Next it was a case of measuring the soft cheese into a bowl.  A quick glance at the recipe and I realised I needed 750g of cheese.  I had only bought 500g – luckily for me the corner shop was open and another 250g of a well known brand of soft cheese was purchased.  This too was emptied into the bowl.  The cheese was then beaten until soft and the sugar then added.  This too had to be beaten into the mixture and then the vanilla extract was added and beaten in.  Two eggs were then added, one at a time and beaten in.

Half the mixture then had to be spooned onto the biscuit crust – the spoonfuls being kept separate.  This was rather difficult, there was a lot of mixture. I put a spoonful on top of a spoonful, hoping it wouldn’t spread out to much.  To the remaining mixture the melted chocolate was added and mixed together.  This was then spooned into the gaps.  The top then had to be swirled with a knife to give a marbled effect.

It was then into the oven for an hour – after this time the edges should have become puffy and the centre still soft.  My cheesecake looked puffy all over after an hour, but it was still soft in the centre, so it was a case of turning the oven off and leaving it in the oven to cool.

So it was off for another wet and muddy walk with the dog – this time we all managed to stay on our feet and not slip over.

Once cool, the cheesecake was removed from the oven and put in the fridge.  It had been in the fridge for a good couple of hours by the time we came to eat it.  In all honesty it wasn’t the prettiest dessert I’ve seen and I was quite disappointed with the flavour – it wasn’t to my liking at all.  My husband thought it tasted slightly burnt, and on having googled the recipe, it seems that there is a question mark over how long to cook it – in some of the books it says 30 minutes and in others an hour – perhaps that’s why it wasn’t very appetising!

My daughter took one mouthful and said she didn’t like it and my son ate half of his and said the same (which for someone with a sweet tooth, I was surprised at as it was very chocolaty).

Oh well, all in all not a good weekend of baking – let’s hope next week gets better!!


5 thoughts on “Recipe 66 – American Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

  1. I tried it this week and apart from substituting gluten free biscuits for the digestives (and adding about twice the amount!) I followed the recipe including the cooking time and it turned out fine. Very rich but lovely!

  2. I’m very grateful for your post! I have this in the oven right now and became convinced my book was wrong (it says an hour too)! I’ve turned it off at 40mins so we’ll have to see how it goes!

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