Recipe 61 – English Madeleines

19th April 2012

Need to bake again – and also most of yesterday’s recipe has already been eaten!

After a morning at work and a long walk with the dog (avoiding the rain yet again – this can’t last, I am bound to get rained on tomorrow), it was back into the kitchen.

My daughter picked the English Madeleines out of the book last week, so the dessicated coconut was added to the shopping list yesterday in order for me to bake them.

The last time I can remember eating these was probably nearly 20 years ago on New Year’s Eve. I had been out partying with some friends and we had somehow managed to lose the men on the way home.  We arrived home to find they weren’t there and we didn’t have a key, so the little old man in the flat below us was still awake and invited us in as it was bitterly cold.  I can remember having another drink and he was very proud of these little cakes he had made that day – English Madeleines.  They looked lovely, but on my first bite they tasted horrible – I think something must have been off – what could we do – there was no way we could eat them and we didn’t want to offend him, so my friend decided to put them in her handbag!  It was only a few days later (after she had recovered from her hangover) that she found them and I can still remember the phone call asking me where they had come from.

Anyway, hopefully these would be a lot nicer!!  The oven was put on to preheat and my dariole moulds were greased and the bottoms lined.  The recipe was for 10 Madeleines – I only had four moulds, so it looked as though I would need to bake three batches.

This was another all in one recipe, so into a bowl went the butter – no it hadn’t been left out to soften, but this time I couldn’t put it in the microwave as I had used a stainless steel bowl, so I thought about one of Mary’s tips to let the bowl rest in some warm water for a few minutes.  I think my water must have been very hot as the butter soon started to melt and was nearly liquid by the time I realised.  

So the caster sugar, eggs, self raising flour,, baking powder and vanilla extract were all put into the bowl with the butter and they were whisked until well blended and smooth.  The mixture looked lovely – and my daughter had just arrived home again – quick bake, bake, bake or she will eat the mixture!

The mixture was spooned into the moulds – half full – and they were placed onto a baking tray and put in the oven.  They had to bake for 20 minutes, after which they were removed and tipped out of the moulds onto a cooling rack.  The moulds were quickly washed, greased and lined again and this time I put the rest of the mixture into them.  Eight Madeleines would be fine,   the baking powder in the remaining mixture I felt was beginning to work and I think after another 20 minutes it would have had to have been thrown away.  The next four were put into the oven and these were removed after 18 minutes as I felt they were ready.  They were slightly larger than the other 4, but never mind – big ones for the adults, little ones for the children!!

It was then a case of waiting for the cakes to cool in order to do the next step of the recipe – by this time my daughter was pacing up and down the kitchen – she hates waiting for cake!!

Once cooled, it was onto heating 4 tablespoons of raspberry jam to make it runny and spreading the coconut onto a large plate.  This stage, I thought, was going to be messy, however, Mary suggests spearing the bases of the cakes with a fork to enable you to hold on to them.  So with a fork in the bottom of the cake, the cake was brushed with the jam and then rolled in the coconut – I did use my fingers a bit for this as I didn’t want to push down on the cakes very much as they were very soft and springy and I was worried they would break.  It was then onto a plate with them – so a bit messy taking them off the fork and putting them onto the plate!

Once all of the cakes had been coated in the jam and coconut it was onto the final stage – half a cherry was placed on the top of them.

We had these for our pudding tonight and I must admit they were lovely, nothing like my last experience of them, thankfully!  My husband asked what I was baking tomorrow as he said there is no way there would be any of them left by morning – oh well back in the kitchen again tomorrow!!


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