Recipe 58 – Easter Biscuits

6th April 2012

Gosh, this is one of the bakes I forgot I hadn’t written a blog about.  I think it may be short and sweet, it seems like ages ago when I baked these little biscuits.

If I remember rightly I started baking these just before the Simnel Cake came out of the oven, so there was no need for it to preheat!

First things first, I had to lightly grease three baking trays as the mixture would make 24 biscuits, so that was 8 biscuits per tray.  Hope my trays were big enough!

100g butter and 75g sugar were measured into the bowl and beaten together.  Next in went one egg yolk (with the white saved for later).  This too was beaten in to the mixture.  Then 200g plain flour and spices (1/2 tsp mixed spice and 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon) were sieved into the mixture (unusual as Mary doesn’t normally sieve the flour – I assume it was for the spices to be mixed evenly).  The flour was mixed in well and then 50g currants and 25g candied peel were added.  I stirred them through and then added 2 tbsp of milk.  I think I added a bit too much and should have probably halved the amount of milk  to start with to see how the mixture came together.  My mixture seemed a fairly sticky dough.

I turned the dough onto a lightly floured board and kneaded it gently for a few minutes.  After this it was rolled out to a thickness of 5mm (yep I can be accurate on that one thanks to my Joseph Joseph rolling pin!).  Mary said to use a 6cm cutter, the cutters I had were either slightly smaller or larger.  I opted for the smaller size.  I managed to cut over half the biscuits out with the first roll and these were placed onto the trays.

The biscuits were then popped into the oven for 8 minutes after which time they had to be removed and brushed with the egg white (lightly beaten) that had been put to one side earlier on.  The biscuits were then sprinkled with a little caster sugar and put back in the oven for a further 4-5 minutes.  I think my first batch (the ones at the top of the oven) were slightly over cooked and were a darker brown than the others, but never mind.  

The biscuits were removed from the oven and lifted onto the baking tray to cool.  I did, make a few more than Mary said, but my cutter was slightly smaller.

Personally I didn’t enjoy these biscuits as much as I thought I would, I don’t know why, I think perhaps it was the fact there were too many sweet treats over the Easter period and I needed something savoury.  They all went anyway, so somebody liked them!!


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