Recipe 53 – Cappuccino Cake

30th March 2012

With the brownies all gone, it was time to bake another cake.  Having spent most of the night up with the dog after his little operation I was feeling tired, but knew that baking would wake me up.
I have been looking at this recipe for some time, so decided today would be a good day to bake it, ready for the weekend.  The picture looked gorgeous.
As usual, oven on and two 20cm deep sandwich tins greased and their bottoms lined.  I was slightly worried at this stage as Mary specifically says loose-bottomed deep sandwich tins.  Mine were deep, but they weren’t loose bottomed, only my smaller tins have loose bottoms!!!  Hopefully they would be easy to turn out – time would tell.
First thing to do was to measure the cocoa powder out (I knew I had enough this time) and mix it to a paste with with some boiling water.  Next 3 large eggs were added, some milk, self raising flour , baking powder, butter and caster sugar.  Another all in one recipe, so out came the whisk and the mixture was beaten together until just combined.  At this point I was wondering where the ‘cappuccino’ entered into the equation as it was in the title, but there didn’t appear to be any coffee in the cake!  Time would tell no doubt!
The mixture was divided equally into the two tins, well as equally as I possibly could manage.  The surface of the mixture was levelled and the tins popped into the oven for 25 minutes.  
10 minutes after the cakes having gone into the oven my daughter called out to see what I was baking as the smell wafting through to the living room was lovely.  Hopefully it will live up to its smell.  After 25 minutes I felt they needed a 5 more minutes as they hadn’t started shrinking away from the sides of the tin, so 5 minutes later they were removed from the oven and left in the tins for a few minutes.  A quick run of a knife around the edges and they turned out of the tins fine.  They were left to cool on the wire rack.
The finish of the cake wasn’t actually with buttercream as I originally thought but whipped cream.  Whoops, off to the corner shop for some double cream, I really must read the recipes properly before I bake them – oh well at least I’m keeping the shop in business!!
With the double cream bought it was a case of whipping this to soft peaks and then –  this is where the coffee came in.  You had to mix 1tsp of instant coffee (something else we didn’t have in the house as I don’t drink coffee and my husband has one of those fancy machines for his coffee, so it was another trip to the shop!) together with some hot water and then stir it into the cream, which made it a lovely ivory colour.
Half the ‘coffee cream’ was put onto one half of the cake and spread over.  The other cake was then put on the top and the remaining cream spread over the top.  To finish it all off I dusted some drinking chocolate onto the top – a bit too much actually I think I was a bit too heavy handed with the sieve.
Anyway into the fridge it went and came out a while later for pudding!  The ‘coffee cream’ added just enough flavour to the chocolate cake – it was lovely and seems to be disappearing very quickly.

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