Recipe 52 – Chocolate Chip Brownies

27th March 2012

After a busy morning over the allotment and finally planting my onions, shallots and garlic, I had been given instructions from my son to bake something today for him to eat when he came home from school.  You’d think the cupboards were bare the way he was talking, but I think he prefers my cakes to anything I buy, not that I buy cakes any more!

It was actually quite late in the afternoon when I started baking these and they were still in the oven when he came home from school, so he had to wait a little bit longer.

Having made Mary’s Indulgent Brownies earlier on, I hope these were as good.  The oven was put on and my traybake was lightly greased and the base lined with greaseproof paper.  

All the ingredients were to be measured into a bowl and mixed together.  First in was the butter, which then had to go in the microwave for a few seconds as it wasn’t quite soft enough.  Then the caster sugar, together with four eggs (I have rather a lot of eggs at the moment from the chickens, so was quite pleased to see that this recipe needed so many).  After that the self raising flour and then the cocoa powder.  I knew I was nearly at the end of the cocoa powder, so was hoping that there was enough.  There wasn’t, I was 25g short.  Why didn’t I check at the beginning or at least have measured the cocoa powder out first.  This could be a failure before it had even started!

Luckily my daughter was home early from school (one of the benefits of being in the 6th form), so I quickly sent her up the corner shop to see if they had any cocoa and said to get something for herself too!  She came back with a tiny tin of cocoa powder which had cost a fortune compared to the supermarket, but never mind I needed it and didn’t have time to go into town or to the supermarket.  She also came back with two creme eggs (although there is already a box in the cupboard).  She promptly ate hers and although she said the other one was for me, I didn’t actually get round to eating it, my son did when he came home from school.

Anyway, the extra 25g of ‘very expensive’ cocoa was added to the mixture.  Mary also says to add 100g of plain chocolate chips at this stage, but instead I beat the mixture all together and then stirred in the chocolate chips at the end.

The mixture was spooned into the tin an levelled out.  Mary says to scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula to remove all of it.  I removed most of it, but must admit both myself and my daughter love scraping the bowl out and eating the mixture so I did leave a little bit.  Naughty, but nice!!

Into the oven it went for 40 minutes.  After this time it had a lovely crusty top but still looked gooey underneath.  It was removed from the oven and left to cool in the tin, after which time it was cut into 24 pieces and within minutes little hands (well not so little now) had taken a few pieces.

It was a lovely brownie and another one to add to the list of ‘To Bake Again’.


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